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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why 9-11 Truth Can Never Be Allowed To Be Validated Nor Even Considered

By the way it appears as if there are alot of males involved in this these national security agencies are unbalanced and perverts.

Yet it seems they can do whatever they please, especially with women who are poor, helpless and they find attractive.

So now its obvious to me why, IF 9-11 was premeditated or even just allowed to happen by purposeful negligence- they dont ever want that validated to be the truth.
9-11 has generated so many jobs, within security industry but also the equipment they use and on down the line to the delivery people of that equipment, uniforms etc etc, that so much money has been spent and made they never want it to be revealed.

It also seems to afford a very good cover for getting rid of inconvenient people or to cover black projects, human experimentation or anything classified.

I also think its interesting that anyone who knows,anything legit about mind control or programming has to be crushed, beaten down, destroyed and ultimately discredited.

Gee whys that? ;)

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