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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dept Homeland Security Forced To Release List Of Watch Words And Phrases

Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico')

"Department chiefs were forced to release the manual following a House hearing over documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit which revealed how analysts monitor social networks and media organisations for comments that 'reflect adversely' on the government."

The list of words actually makes alot of sense. Its their motive for monitoring.

You have to realize that no matter what they say, the authorities, I and others have experienced being harassed, targeted, experimented on and having our lives ruined even attempted murder since 2003. I have documented myself how the 'gang stalking' system is designed to actually piss people off (who are perhaps linked to MK Ultra or other things that would make them vulnerable to begin with) and manipulate them to the point of BECOMING a terrorist.

This is why I document my experiences. To show that the authorities are looking for threats but they arent admitting to the use of coercion to CREATE threats. Nor is anyone admitting to the use of technologies or organized stalking/harassment, psychological warfare.

When someone does snap, they act as if its a mystery as to why it occurred. And isnt it usually people who are writing about the government or angry about the state of things? They are playing both sides.

All I have to do is recall that letter Doctor Emmerich wrote to warn me (or intimidate me I can never be sure which, probably both). That someone with paranoid ideations (GS or targeted or even Survivorship from mc or experimentation) who has PTSD who also exhibits signs of other connected issues is the description of someone who is going to 'snap' or go postal.

Some jerks somewhere actually tried to set me up to die this way. If it were not for people..some known to me and some covert ops who dropped info to me along the way-I would be dead right now and others might be as well. Innocent people.

Obviously from my experiences there are black ops and classified level things going on that handle people like me. Deprogram and try to behavior modify in order to neutralize any perceived threat.
Done on the level of whats actually going on and in full knowledge of what programming is, RA etc.

However, you have to always remember that all of this is done not to protect the public and not to stop someone say, a Survivor like me from becoming dangerous or snapping- but to hide and cover up information about MK Ultra, continued unethical human experimentation, black ops and projects, frame ups, and memories from RA survivors who can name faces and places. Also to protect untouchable career criminals. That sort of thing. As well as to ensure that no one who isnt working for the power structure has any sort of supernatural if you will, power at all. This includes destroying psychics and stunting spiritual evolution of a targeted person or Survivor.

Thier main goal is to keep the population in the man made world of consumerism that they have constructed. The Matrix as many people like to call it, but its not all that dramatic. Its not like we are hooked up to machines somewhere experiencing virtual reality.

But if we dont stop the abuse of power- of the power structure living in the 21st century while we are kept in the 20th- in future, we might very well be damned to such a fate.

I dont care WHAT the cost is. I dont care how many perps mess with me or how my health is deteriorating.

That singular moment, in St Louis MO, when I was lighting a cigarette on the blue flame of a stove- I stopped and felt as if I had to use all my Will to handle the urges in that moment. Perhaps it was testosterone from ovulating that had hit me as my perceptions of the world were very male oriented that day. And male hormones seem to have alot to do with who becomes lone shooters.
I will never, ever forgive this system for taking me through living that moment. I would rather have died of any other cause than to have been in that state of mind for that split second.

You have no idea how far you have to be pushed before you snap. If I was not female, I doubt if this would have turned out as well as it did and obviously for me, its not going very well is it.

They've got me pissed off every day now, just grinding myself into the ground.

These people are covering up for military testing, psychological experimentation and networks doing inhuman things to people.

There is  a system that sets people up to go that route. They are basically looking for victims of this systematic manipulation who then react in the normal way any human would under the circumstances.

Its one big rat lab. Thats all you are looking at when you see what these agencies are doing. Its hard for me to believe in any real threats. For me at this point its like asking someone like Ann Frank to be scared of a monster in the closet. TI's know that the real monsters exist on our own soil or monsters just as heinous as the foreign ones.


Anonymous said...

This is the last comment i am going to leave you. I keep coming back to this blog because i'm obsessed with it but i need to stop. Every time i want to post something but i know you're not going to answer it, or won't believe me, or think I'm a perp. I have tried to help you many times but you never talk to me. I pray that one day this goes away for you and you won't have to suffer any longer. I hope that I can meet you someday. I'll never forget you. Goodbye.

-Nick O

Anonymous said...

Also, what's interesting is the incident with Bush not being able to find the right door during that one press conference overseas. I'm wondering about this one, if it's coincidence, or like many that point out, artists like Walsh and many others have done favors for the military industrial complex in exchange for fame and making it big. Who knows, either Bush was acting, or Walsh was fed this information about Bush by a psychic connected to the system. Or it's a coincidence, and I need to start my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Was just looking at the album cover for Walsh's So What LP, and I noticed there is an The Eye of Horus effect going on if you look at it a certain way.

Oh well. I was a big Walsh fan as a kid, as well as the Eagles.

Anonymous said...

This is why GS gets so much cooperation.

People are afraid of being targeted. The whole process really shows whos got real character and who are just going to simply revert to animals.

Amen to that. One of the hardest things as a target, I have found, is to accept that I am going to be hated. I am going to be surrounded by people who show up where I happen to be, and given unwanted attention. I am learning to accept that I am going to be hated. Sometimes I cooperate with the system a little because I can't stand to be hated like this. Well, these people are very simple going along with this, probably think they're serving their country. And I have to learn to accept that it's OK, that I do not have to please them, because that is I feel one major reason so many are going along with this: because they themselves don't want to be looked down upon. They don't want to be the odd man out. Around here, the average citzen mob has something like a pre-schooler mentality. And I in no way can condone that. It's like those old Apple computers, how they have a one-button mouse -- they have this one-word vocabulary. I can get men blurting one-word insults, from moving cars or street gangstalkers, and it's the same word on a given day, no matter who says it. It's like a pre-schooler insult of the day around here. :-)

And people look up the the perps and want to please them instead of doing the right thing; that is the problem. They actually are consciously (I feel) letting the perps brainwash them into thinking we have done something bad, are terrorists, or that we deserve it. And then are letting the perps make them hate us. I have to figure, it's OK to be hated. This is a different era, and of course there is going to be people making it obvious they are harassing me. I have been getting impressions that they are so bold and cocky because they know the police won't help targets. Something is up here if the gangstalkers are so bold in harassing targets. This tells me they have prior knowledge that the cops condone their actions, else they wouldn't be doing it.

That's why Mark Rich is right when he says this abuse is institutionalized, hence local intelligence units (the police and maybe the FBI) are purposefully letting them mess with us. In fact, when I reported the harassment to this one officer, he gave me the denial. Why would anyone want to stalk you like this? I explained it to him. Then later HE was harassing me too! So the intelligence agencies and the cops, they know about this, or else they'd be out trying to stop this. This is why I believe they have a big hand in all of this. Try to report anything gangstalking related, and the classic consistent response is to get harassed even more or to have FBI and police joining in at some level. It has to be sanctioned somewhere. It can't just be hidden criminals. I don't believe criminals are generally smart enough to pull something like this off. My impression is that if they were so smart, they would not have to cheat and engage in criminal activity. Unless, of course, they were handed free reign by an intelligence agency working for an institutionalized harassment system.

I get it now. All the psy-ops is to make me stop loving certain family members who do care about me. The rest of them care about me second to the institutionalized harassment (the Agenda). I can only hope one day this system gets taken down, and those family members especially are the first ones to pay the price. Anyone close to the target who gives them the Judas Iscariot deserves the worst punishment. That is, if that day ever comes.