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Monday, May 7, 2012

Adam Yauch-1998 Interview: On His Spirituality-"I Dont Care If Somebody Makes Fun Of Me"

He sounds very wise about the transitional phase around the millenia change. A bit too wise perhaps.

So many people our age, our generation seemed to be..children of the transition. To attempt to avoid the mistakes of our parents and also to see that technolgy had a place of harmony in the future, not what the future has become now. So many of us seemed to understand this intuitively-that technology would play a part in the future of mankind, but it should be in harmony with Nature and man should evolve due to this.

This should have been the 'Peace On Earth' result that came about, not what the NWO is touting as 'World Peace'.

So many wise and great people have gone in recent history. Always plane or helicopter crashes or cancer or...these similar things.

Then again, things just happen too. But its been these key people, these activist types who ARENT doing it for publicity or to cover for how screwed up thier true vices and personal lives really are. Any celebrity can appear to care about something. But you can tell who's genuine and who's just doing it as part of thier job to be who they are.

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