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Friday, May 11, 2012

Police Connect Workplace Violence To Gang Stalking

Police officially connecting gang stalking to workplace violence.

Great, now second question: What do you do if policemen are part of the gang stalking??

Gets a bit more complicated doesnt it. This is more appropriate for workplace mobbing not gang stalking.

It may be very well a TI is mobbed in the workplace as well as everywhere else or a person may be simply mobbed in the workplace exclusively.

There are distinct levels of gs. This only represents one of them.

Also u wud have to really f*ck someone up to have them turn to extreme violence. Most people would just leave their jobs instead.
If you have someone getting more sophisticated harassment or they are more prone to snap to begin with becuz they r actually Survivors of black or classified projects or RA and they dont understand that yet, then I can see that level of violence being a response in the long term.

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Anonymous said...

I'd say in that case the person was subjected to gangstalking and workplace mobbing. I've had cases where I was "triggered" on the mob by a perp, standing there with her cell phone, saying insulting things to an imaginary person on the other line. I got triggered into my alternate person, which is kind of mean and violent, and I lost that job.

I suppose that was one goal of theirs, to have a somewhat violent alternate created. I think it already existed before the stalking started, and they were taking advantage of it by triggering it to get me to do something to get fired. It definitely worked.