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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Targeted With An Ideation In Relation to MIT Was Stopped By NOT Following Predicted Movements As A Target

I had a telling experience on my way to MIT today. The reason I can actually write about it is becuz its Sunday. And of course the tech and GS is very low or non existent as usual on Sunday. So I wont go 'forgetting' or losing focus.

On my way here I believe that perps had followed my movements from where I slept in downtown Boston area. I got a very strong ideation specific to the MIT building on Mass Ave or that area as I approached that I was in trouble somehow for bad mouthing the president(s) of MIT last night in my post.

Due to everything or partial systems of tech being less today (Sunday) I could get a good 'fix' on this ideation coming from a specific physical location, as it felt this way, and also I had the faculties available to understand in real time it was indeed an ideation produced by false means and not actually produced by my own mind. This is difficult to do during the week as all of whatever tech systems they use are up and also there is constant diversion from stalking and harassment from people mostly on trains and buses and walking down streets in the city also.

Due to being able to ace the system today I could actually use my free Will and act in a manner different than what they wanted. I stayed on the bus and did not get off at MIT to go to the library. Laughably, this disturbed some of the passengers on board who acted very strangely in response to my not getting up to leave.
One such person was an older woman who had been acting very strangely- self consciously looking at her shoes, her hands, her clothes, constantly fidgeting. It never stopped. Her whole act was about being self conscious.

As we passed MIT this ideation (complete with a vision of the current MIT president not the new elect) slowly dissipated as we got farther from the college. Then again people also got off of the bus.
I went all the way to Harvard and waited for the bus to turn around. I noted a Traveler who used to be a local squatter and wrote that post earlier. As the bus went out of Harvard I felt no more remote influence. As we approached Central Sq I felt none. Surprisingly, I felt nothing but normal as we approached MIT.

I am now considering that this 'signal' if you will either comes from a part of the MIT campus itself or from perps on the bus in some form like from cell phones or gadgets, whatever one could use for this kind of tactical warfare.

I would normally have not been able to think or act independently in this situation, during a normal work week, in this location.
 Most of the week I am like a zombie and all I do is spend my time evading GS as well as doing the survival stuff I need to do. I am either demotivated or forgetful of what I actually came to Boston to do in the first place, which explains why I have been here for a month or so already and have not done what I came to do.

Also I suppose I have been conditioned to not attempt certain things like going to doctors and looking for lawyer here due to being so badly burned in recent and past experiences. But I have to try anyway as if I leave the US without doing so I will not be able to live with myself.

I also want to write about a strange occurrence with one of my young friends. Her and her boyfriend are the ones who blew up the MIT library or helped to drive them to decide against outsiders using the computers. I can understand MIT asking knuckleheads to leave but not everyone.
When she goes out of town I feel as if some influence she has on me goes with her. She leaves town every weekend to see her child some distance north of Boston. I cannot explain this change in the environment. It happens every single time she goes away however so its worth noting.

I can only think its either her cell phone or something on her her person. (Hey, no one wants to seem paranoid talking about microchipping but many Survivors who are targeted have evidence of such.)

Many times Ive almost wanted to leave town just to get away from her influence. Whats odd is that even if I am not in contact with her for a day or two, I still feel the influence her physical presence seems to produce if she is in the same city or location as I am. I ONLY EXPERIENCE RELIEF FROM THIS WHEN SHE LEAVES TO GO OUT OF TOWN.

This is something I have never experienced before. However, I have experienced something similar. When I would call people from a phone or my cell phone in other states that action would seem to hook me into another system of remote influence, FROM THEIR STATE AND LOCATION. I would feel effected by it as I had when I was living there.

This was especially compelling and noticed when, without a cell phone at the time early into this, about 2007 or so, I was in MI at that suspected perp's house- Mary Holiday near Jedo MI.
I decided to try just once to contact my family in Waltham MA after no contact for a few years. I dialed the number on a land line. After realizing that they were firmly sticking to the mental illness story (which was amusing to hear a woman my grandmother's age trying to pull together a manipulative conversation that would get me to slip up or agree to terms of getting medicated. In other words I did what was my policy back then- I would not mention harassment at all to anyone, much as I do now. I would then see what THIER reaction was and thus one could easily smoke out the perps and people in on it from those who were innocent).

After realizing I could never see my family again I hung up. I was then hit with the same conditions that I had experienced living under while residing in my family's house in Waltham, the location I was just on the landline with. I immediately felt a return of a condition I was diagnosed with known as Interstitial Cystitis (IC) which I took Elmiron for for many years and also caused me to have a surgical procedure done which was probably unnecessary.
My bladder felt the same way it had, the pain etc, in Waltham when I first experienced it. However I had not had this condition since leaving MA, for years on end. I also noted years ago that when I lived in Las Vegas for six months that the condition also went away. Once again location seemed more the reason than anything.

I also experienced anxiety and other emotional and mental states similar to what I experienced living in that house in Waltham.


I also experienced a return of these exact conditions upon coming back to Boston for the first time in earnest in 2009 I believe. I saw people from the Watertown/Newton Narcotics Anonymous meetings who had been in on my gang stalking. One woman walked by and made comment to a male with her "Do you know who that used to be?" (used to be? Oh honey, please. Go to hell.)

After seeing these two people from my past in the area I was once again hit with the same conditions that I experienced after that phone call home to Waltham from Jedo MI a year or two prior.

I got out my digital vid camera, started to document what was happening and after doing so, these conditions dissipated.

These experiences tell me that there is a way of targeting people with something to do with phone communications. I dont know how it would work but it does indeed happen.

So I am wondering if the influence I experience from this young woman is due to whats coming through her cell signal. She is clever and in trouble with the law, she is selfish, self serving and likes money. REALLY likes money. Shes a typical candidate to be a perp. But...she just doesnt seem the type at other times. As if we are real friends.

This one confuses me. Then again, I have experienced people in on this acting as if nothing is going on and they are indeed friendly with me.

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