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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Microwave Weapons In Police Vehicles Seems To Include Devices Used In Gang Stalking Targets
Unmanned drones huh? Which means mind control technologies can be used in this way as well.
I've experienced many times feeling interfaced with when there's a police vehicle across from me or while riding in a vehicle in even.

In MA I have regularly experienced human beings going by in unmarked vehicles and feeling 'hit' as specific cars drive past.
This is either technologies or psychic warriors being used from vehicles. They always look at you as well so.there's no mistaking its a hit.

The marked police vehicles usually try to stay hidden or positioned strategically in relation to the Target.

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Anonymous said...

I sometimes get people who are around me... who will be sitting there, staring at me intently. It's a sort of stare that they know to see there and seek a stare at certain parts of my body. It's been going on since 2006. People who seem like operatives but look like ordinary citizens would be sitting there looking me over discreetly. It seems like they are interfaced and "they" are monitoring me through the human operative.

What could be going on with that? Also, I get dream interference. I'll find myself being "placed" in certain places in my dreams, like in the yard of an abandoned penitentiary, for example. Like they can control the setting (e.g. location like prison yard) where the dream takes place.