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Monday, May 28, 2012

Subliminals In The Simpsons

 And yes, The Simpsons have done quite alot of media psy ops on Targets. Very detailed information only gotten through targets being watched even in early life decades before the psy op appears in movie or tv episodes.
Put into media content in sophisticated way as to cause intimidation of TI.

Its one of the worst shows. South Park has its moments but its not nearly as manipulative and cruel as The Simpsons.

And yes I plainly see the author is into Christianity. Christians have some of the most comprehensive sites on subliminals in media. I simply disregard their personal beliefs, thats their opinion. But they do uncover some interesting examples of deception. Thats all I'm looking for.

One has to wonder who is really behind creating this content. Often times it comes from a very Jewish culture in the entertainment business. They most likely go against commandments to lead gentiles astray only is one theory. The other is that they are Jews who are not into godliness but very into Jewishness and Zionism.

It could be simply Illuminati activity or, the evil side of Masonic content. Alot of people dont seem to get it that these symbols are being used for negative purposes not to enlighten and keep order.

That is also part of the deception. To get people to help the negative side destroy anyone
 who would counter their actions by getting them to believe all manifestations of ancient belief systems are evil or exist to do harm.

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Anonymous said...

Now I just remembered that when I was working in this one college town in 2001, I was at this one bar. I saw a pretty decent likeness of this roommate and his now wife, as well as one of his female friends. I was so convinced they were him, his wife, his friend. But now I realize they were just really good fakes. They could have been them, but I seriously doubt it. Impressive that the perps were doing things like this with lookalikes back in 2001. Seriously, there were years I was a target, that I was unaware, as I was "asleep" yet being worked on by the system at the time. Possible target years earlier, but unaware, as I, like many other targets, just saw a bunch of things happening that masqueraded as "life's little unfortunate breaks". That's the way the system operates: making their acts of control and reform look like life's little (bad) breaks.