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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The ATF and Other Marketed Creations

The guy at my storage who acts like hes friendly with me..
He why I came Boston. These frickin people cannot.get.past the damned cover story. They're so stupid. IT.DOESNT MATTER.WHERE I GO. DUH.

It'd just ridiculous here. They have beyond organized crime and.corrupt.cops.

Two little twits in.Davis Square Somerville MA" Its never" Unless I went to.some desolate place and I.should move to a "little dustbowl town down in TX".

Lol. Like Wacko? wasn't targeted. That turned out well didn't it? Yeah.for.the FBI and their buddies the ATF who were about to be totally dismantled and all funding cut. They were out of date u see. Prohibition and all that.

So you print up some nifty jackets with your logo. And you tag along with your big brother the FBI and look as.if.u.did something and.have a purpose. The video footage goes international etc etc. Its basically an ad-to market you to the public.

Now u exist, have purpose and even an important event under your belt!! AND you got.rid.of.some potential problem people who either were dangerous mind control victims or would have had information.about such projects or at least evidence going in that direction. I can imagine who can be.identified being connected to THAT particular group The Branch Dividians.

All so tidy! Aren't they wonderful.
Its America- u can market anything into.existence. Even the ATF.
I suppose.u that a good excuse? Works doesn'

I now realize.that smart Americans would have bailed out.of here the.moment they realized the country was going to.go.cannibalistic once 'the people' realized they couldn't for the same price due to.things like jobs going overseas with companies.

I.just.didn't realize how disgusting and greedy Americans.were that.they would stoop to this. The elements that create coercion help I suppose.

I want to sue the FBI just for fun. That one call I made to them in Michigan when I was so desperate in the beginning.of all this.

They will pay.for.that. Somehow or.someway. They will get theirs. If not a lawsuit even.just on.file, then.the.truth for an entire world to read.about.

I.will call. Nor those jerks in Davis Sq.

Nor.recently.that idiot who still thinks this is about a covered.story and believes all I have is

F*ck all.these people.

A lot.of.them are.just.stupid.

However the professionals have been.working very hard since 9-11 to cover up.for.a lot.of.shit going on since.then.

And I.think.we.know what information.they are ultimately covering.for.

They are absolutely.disgusting are.their cronies. And all the.little.SHITS in the Millenial generation who.worked.for.them. Little brainwashed bastards.

They succeeded. They finally.created.the ultimate Hitler.youth. So many.of these kids and they really think they are doing something for the nation.


They don't care about crime. They care about who

I country. Its been dead.for.years. This new disgusting creature simply lives within the carcass of 'America'.

They think they won.becuz I can't prove anything.

Fuck u.

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Anonymous said...

The 3-letter intelligence agencies I believe are the main culprits behind this. Military contractors are, too, because they have the toys. Could there be a bunch of people whom we refer to as "perps" who are psy warfare agents scheming a lot of this stuff? I mean those higher-echelon perps, i.e., "the Perps". Oops, I just said "echelon". It slipped.