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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homeland Sued For Creating Fake Friend Accounts On Social Networks For Surveillance


Anonymous said...

One part I see is that they condition you to believe or accept certain fallacies about yourself as a target. Then they have stalkers (operatives really) surrounding you who trigger reactions based on fallacies you've been conditioned to accept. Or they make it obvious to you that they are making use of extreme repetition. They want you to see that they are attempting to make you believe that certain fallacies are true, and they want to anger you based on the fact that they are attempting to trigger these false beliefs yet again. And they can do this through the use of operatives. They'd be doing skits based on these false premises, i.e., trying to hammer home that such and such is superior to your beliefs or personal traits when in fact you knew all along it was horseshit. It seems like a mass of the public who is in the know knows about these attempts, and are attempting to do it to gain personal redemption over the target.

Why should I believe lies and laughable falsehoods just because they are always putting perps in front of me day in day out? That doesn't make it true. Do they really believe any of this, or is it all part of the "plan" of warfare against the target? Or is it a combination, i.e., all involved get to live in these planned falsehoods because it makes them feel better? But then how could they be so myopic? It would be obvious if they are doing gangstalking tactics to make themselves feel better, it's like an admission they must have been inferior in the first place.

Why don't they simply improve themselves, then that wouldn't make it necessary for them to gangstalk or play roles in the first place. A lot of these people aren't in trouble or criminals; they just seem like brainwashed sheeple living a collective falsehood. Like a cult for average people.

Anonymous said...

Directed conversations can range from little one-word "remarks" to lengthy conversations. Generally, I find them frightening and they make me hyperaware of what's going to be attacking me next. I think their primary purpose is to get the target "opened up" and alert mentally, get their ears perked up so they can take in the rest of the mumbo jumbo. That seems plausible that they have them to get us alert and "opened up", so we can become more receptive to more harassment when we leave the place that we experienced the directed conversations in.

I generally just try to redirect all the things I am hearing into a trash can somewhere. It's no different than the trash they throw on the ground with lettering shown to convey information or harassment towards the TI.

I also have learned not to care or worry about what they are saying in directed conversation. I like to think of these as yet more theater. It may be true or maybe not. But how did they get the information to be used in directed conversations in the first place? Illegal/unconstitutional surveillance, human informants, etc. Of course, some info is going to be true, but a lot is horseshit to get the target all worked up. Probably they are carefully scripted by the perps in order to achieve some sort of emotional state that the perps desire or need at that particular point in time from the TI.