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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

MBTA Inspector GS Tactic Maverick Train Stop

Maverick train.stop  approximately 9pm tonight. Tall, white, dark hair and.flabby/deconditioned/overweight. Talking to.an equally ugly female who he.kissed on.the.cheek.upon her.leaving to get on blue line train.

This guys a bully and an.insecure prick becuz after.he.
did an.obvious tactic he stood with his flabby chicken necked girlfriend and looked.over all the.train passengers when they walked past.

He kept looking down on people ans was especially unkind to this one Asian man who was unusually short.

These perps think they are better.than everyone else but they are just average nobodies without anything special about them who need.to put themselves above individuals.

Its certainly that but perhaps they were both child molesters or simply getting paid off.

When I looked him in the eye he did not respond normally as if he were normal person. He responded like a perp would. And this incredibly sneaky look, like someone getting away with murder and even moreso the internal power trip that goes along with it.

You've got no guts. Except for that fat one on you. The guy and his cronies needs.to.learn what real power is.

And the system that counters gang stalkers usually takes care.of.that.

But do you see what makes lone shooters or terrorists or people snapping?

Its all these assholes they have planted in the public so many places who harass Targets multiple times a.day.

You realize of.course that this fat.f*ck and his pig nosed girlfriend are getting many innocent people.killed.when targeted people finally snap, right?

Remember that next time. These people are helping child sex rings and getting innocent people blasted by some guy who goes postal in a McDonalds.

Thy don't care. They need whatever payoffs the GS system gives them but they also need that feeling of power. They are essentially serial killers themselves.

They enjoy.killing Targets and getting innocent.members of the public murdered.

Remember that next time when dealing with any perps who are doing tactics etc.

I love how these actions against the TI are done under the guise of the TI being the bad guy.  Do you realize how many people in the United States are in on Gang Stalking? This country isn't SAFE, its too big with too many naive people in denial or greedy people to be SAFE.

Its easy with a nation.this big to hide Gang Stalking.

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