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Friday, May 25, 2012

Ruetgers Bullying Victim Loses Chance Of Fun With Vendetta


 This is why you should avoid suicide with every fiber of Will in your body. Becuz in bullying, mobbing or even horrific gang stalking, the person or people who got you killed will always get support from all over the place while you're dead and cant defend yourself or tell the public exactly what transpired and how guilty as hell the perpetrators really are.

You die, they win.

People by nature will always rally around the living because in their caveman brains the living are perceived the victor.  No one cares about dead people.

This is why the TI is,hated by society with a cover story and they rally round and support the bad guys and betrayers. GS keeps the TI down so they,cant defend themselves like a dead man. It also keeps us trapped in the cover story. The public might believe that we are so righteously hated by the public that this explains our predicament. They aren't smart enough to think that we are the victims and theres a deception going on.

Intrigue isnt for everyone. Some people dislike using their brains too much and this makes reality inconvenient. Finding you innocent and even screwed out of due process interrupts their American Idol time as well as whatever is going on in cyberspace, World Of War craft and planning their vacations to some bullshit tourist spot. They sell out to,the man everyday and they shouldn't have to worry about 'social responsibility' beyond what their 'community' deems necessary.
The citizenry do as they are told for the most part. They think and believe as instructed. And dont dare interfere with their settled negotiations between they and the oppressor, which they feel they deserve a reward for daily. If the system deems that 'reward' consists of destroying or mocking a Targeted person, then who is anyone to argue?

People do as they are told. This country tried to stand up for itself and have thier concerns be heard. People got active, voted, protested over twenty years of this slow takeover of our country and got ignored until now everyone is numb and effectively beaten down.

If you commit suicide everyone is still going to hate and mock you. Except they wont learn their lesson and be exposed or punished (or even better have vendettas settled) and they'll move onto someone else and do the same thing. Destroy the next person.

Society has always,been populated by killers who put on a good front and kick around a church on Sunday or Saturday.
Ive seen this behavior first hand. I dont care if they are getting paid or need to avoid exposure whatever. Humans enjoy mobbing people. Decent people are in short order. Unless I am wrong and the groups I,encountered harassing me in entire communities were all gang stalking groups and every,person left with the group after Operation Destroy Rachael was completed.

Fuck humanity. Theres a good portion of these animals hiding out in decent society that you shouldnt die for.

If the gay guy had stayed alive and simply left town or the country he could have lived to get his roommate years later.

Always stick around for the possibilities.

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  1. Is there anything I can do to help?

    -Nick O

    (brayvo777 on youtube. i have a video on there if you don't believe me.)