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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hubpages Member Posts About GS and E-harassment

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Anonymous said...

Denial is a tactic used by some to cope with a harsh reality. They seemed to be using two slightly off-pitch "tones" to access and interrogate me in 2006. If you've ever tuned a guitar, or familiar with the concept, you'd know what I'm talking about. If you are tuning a guitar, and the two strings are very nearly in tune, you'd hear this "beat pattern". I felt like someone was doing this to hold me captive in an altered state of consciousness.

Just looked it up: the two slightly different pitches, frequencies, or tones (depending on what terminology you are familiar with) are in fact binaural beats.

Think that sound is not the only way to do this. They can do this visually as well, though I don't recall ever having this done visually. Colors have their own frequencies or wavelengths, too, just as sounds do. If you were deaf, they could do it visually.

Now watch, I am going to get this as a tactic out on the street just because I mentioned it here. Goes to show you they are more sneaky than they are creative.