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Friday, May 11, 2012

More Construction Worker Arrogance-The Little Guy Still Hates On Me

Just got woken up by something so I could hear construction workers at the airport

Of course to.them.I.still looked asleep
Real tough guy 'regular.guy' harassing.sleeping women.

Why does Boston hate

He walked by and in a tough guy voice.said "Kick you out later (unintelligible)". Called me some nasty name at.the end.

I had been.woken.up.enough to hear what he said so.I awoke further to say after.he and his buddy passed "have a good night".

U could feel the fear eminate from this guy. U could feel him.shutting his big mouth.

Does anyone realize how much restraint justice takes or full revenge.instead of being.petty? Becuz it would be real off.any of these people. It would be and finding out where.they live...and.where their children

Probably.divorced.the loser. So bait him and.entrap.or.set.him.up and.screw him out of seeing his kids. Whatever I can find.out about him.


And the.forces that protect me...well by logic if they like to off people on my behalf it stands to reason I could get away with some heinous shit.

Guliani was right-they ARE just bullies and.cowards.

Should kill.him.just.for.waking me up.

If.I.get kicked out (unusual in.this area) I will my new project to.find out who was on.tonight working...and take the fun from.there.

And u can have lots of fun without even touching anyone.

I have learned well.from my.tormenters.
Beware, petty and.jealous, arrogant simple folk. I am sorry but do YOU have people protecting u.that kill for.u? Right..

So obviously my work in.all.this is pretty important.  Now let the real masters of.society decide what happens to who and when and go build something and don't think so hard about social affairs and politics.

And say hi to your EX for me...and if u don't stop being hateful to someone who's sacrificing themsves others, perhaps my protectors will say hi to.your Its happened before..


Anonymous said...

Yeah, contruction workers are bad. Don't know why. Also, while visiting a college campus while the students are still away, the grounds keeper/maintenance guys can be real arrogant twats, too. You know the kind -- older, with beards and some gut hanging out. Always there to come across like big shots who think they're entitled to harass targets. Meanwhile, if I ever saw those kind here in town, I'd feel bad for them, because they seem so... maybe lowly.

I like to use the acronym "SAL": Sad/Sick/Sadistic, Arrogant/Average, Lowly.

Anonymous said...

I'd sleep with a nice sized length of copper pipe next to me next time. They'll get the message. That'll trigger a subliminal that they are just average-guy plumbers, and you aren't afraid to use the tools of their trade to give them a good whacking on the knees or face if they try something cute next time.