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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Targets Are Controlled And Kept in a Constant state of mind control and brain wash by predicting the TIs movements and getting them into a routine

An intricate part of gang stalking is to get the target into a routine.
The target is then control by the prediction of there movements.
For instance, my storage as I have posted before is heavily managed by technology. It also seems to be monitored.

This is not unusual in south boston Ive found its very..uh, guarded with all kinds of people hanging on corners etc.

Its been documented that the FBI would wiretap every place that the mob would go in the old days including catholic churches.
I recently read an article with the cops were threatening to send more drug cops into south boston.
All means of monitoring everything in south boston that they consider key to catching criminals could be used to further harass TI's.

For instance I just spoke to the other trusted employees at my storage about my lock the door unlocked on my unit.
After explaining to him why I suspected the other employee, I left there with the ideation that I think like a cop and that the police were monitoring the storage unit and are now afraid of me because they realize that I'm not stupid. I felt very...mind controlled. I always do in Southie.

When I walked down the street to the Andrew station to catch a bus to do some shopping there was 2 african american females an african american male I was overtly harassed.
Now take into consideration but all of my movements are predicted either by knowing my routine in this area or taking into account what I put into my smartphone to plan my route for the day.

Because I felt very much under mind control interface with when I arrived at Andrew station. However I realized I left two items important to my day at the storage unit thus I decided to return to the unit to retrieve these items.
As I turned back around and headed back towards the storage unit I no longer felt under mind control or interfaced with in any way.

This might be because my heading back in the other direction back towards the storage unit was not a predicted out of my routine.
I have experienced this again and again specifically in the boston area. Ive also experienced that every predictable, routine area that I frequent in a certain city or metro area, seems covered by remote influence and interface. This effect is also backed up by stalking and harassment tactics by human forces in these areas which conditions the Target to associate being targeted with these locations. Thats true but as far as pure tech in use, I do feel managed by this force in areas I frequent and it seems to dissipate in areas that are new to me exploring.

Anything out of that day's predicted routine, what is planned on maps in my smartphone and where I routinely frequent, is when I feel the 'mind control' effect drops off. This is specific to the metro Boston area where I have always felt that parameters were drawn out for me as a TI in the ways I just described.

It becomes difficult to break the routine if the routine is actually part of the mind control of the target. Thus one actually is part of one's own mind control by the system by being in a routine and having predictable movements. One does not have the freedom to move about freely and to think for oneself because 1 is actively held in a routine by the system.
Because obviously if one breaks out of the predicted routine, one breaks mind control.

I also want to add the when I arrived andrew station it was a police car pulling out of the driveway waiting for me it seemed as a female officers in the vehicle stopped to look at me look me over and take a moment to stare at me as I arrived in the station and only pulled out after a few minutes.
the police and the black male and female were possibly part of the setup of harassment and psychological warfare designed to make me uncomfortable and self conscious and anxious. Thus more prone to act out in public.
And to keep me in a state of mind control that I am kept in constantly in this area and nationally.

As for my storage space, its an old solid warehouse. In past years when I felt like I was being fried really in this area, that building provided a small relief. Now for some reason I do feel some relief from what might be outside but I also feel there's influence coming from inside the building. People adding wi fi or other things to thier tech systems in buildings can change the way a TI feels or is targeted in that building. Believe me I have experienced these changes. Time and time again, the biggest problem technology for a Target is either a Cisco Systems wi fi router, satellite television (a combo of both is an absolute nightmare and makes it pretty obvious one is Electromagnetically Sensitive to say the least) or a security system with cameras that always has a sign claiming its recording video 24-7. And of course anywhere with cell repeaters on the roof.

I can feel the difference when leaving the building. Strangely in some situations this interface is actually helpful. That does not change the status of it being a war crime and unethical becuz no one should have thier mind so wiped that they need technologies to guide them or to replace thier own thinking and learning abilities.

This completely lines up with the military's experimentaiton to make a soldier who can be interfaced with on the battle field by such means. What they ARENT telling the public about this seemingly wonderful progress in war (as if anything about any of that is a good thing to begin with) is that the person's own mind has to be wiped. They are basically reduced to puppets or mindless bodies being guided by tech. Just like the movie Universal Soldier.

That is not a progress in technology. That is man expressing his age old behaviors of enslaving other humans and utilizing advances in technologies to do so.

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Mike said...

Yeah , I believe they do that when they know where you are going, it is planned so they can cross paths with us. There must be lookouts as to alert them when we leave, it is so easy these days to send a message to many people in a quick manner. I have gotten lots of revenge on them many times, that is why it is important not to go out as a suicide, or rampage, because then you can't really do much back to them, and a rampage is a one time oportunity, I like being able to repeatedly make the team pay. In ways they don't even know, and I have no limits, I will make their families suffer too. So it is a pretty dangerous game for them to be playing, I don't think alot of the groupstalkers take the real dangers in to account. It really does put them in a much dangerous situation when targets know about groupstalking, that is why you must keep getting the word out. Knowing can prevent a lone shooter from just randomly killing innocent people, but when knowing what it is one is fighting, it is much more likely the groupstalkers will get it when a target is pushed too far.