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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ii now realize the people we were staying with are most likely perps or opportunists. Going inside helped me t get rest but its lead to my being hurt by people again or drained rather. there were a few tell tale signs of gs being present. recall i posted i didn't trust this girl of the couple to begin with. there were also other tell tale signs from things they would say. Also the girl tryong to see if she could fool around with me. its very common for people to want to score status off of having sex with certain Targets. Many times we think people genuinely like us but really they are only looking to get status by having sex with us. Why anyone would want to sleep with a person everyone hates and shuns I dont understand but gang stalkers live in a world of only abuse of power so it makes sense they believe thie to be the way life should be normally. The girl involved also flashed me the sign of the horns on the couch the other day in response to something i said, it seemed she was just frustrated generally becuz she couldnt sleep with me or i wont be swayed from my routines or path for anyone or anything. Her boyfriend made a save by askong if she was flashing gang signs for fun. I saw a cop car drive by this house late at night a few tikes. cpuld be routine...then again... and recall how i posted about being heavily mobbed while my male travelong companion got treated fairly well while panhandling in a different locqtion close by a few days ago. Also they were supposed to move out in Oct due to the house owner having to sell. works two jobs house os too big for him now no longer engaged to fiance etc etc. as of today magically after all this damave has been done he no longer has to leave the property. He blew off the moving to an apartment in Oct. theres been some interface here but its verynmild compared to other locations especially in MA. they cpuld also be just a couple of nice younger kids who domt understand all that comes with livong like this or for a long peeiod of time. it WAS helpiful to go inside. Healing. But someone who lives as i do can only be inside so long before allergies, sensitivities and health issues become a problem due to crappy indoor environments humqns commonly live in as well as being used to more excersise and activity.


  1. Good decision deciding not to mess around with the girl. Many times, I have come across this. I've been tempted, believe me. But in the end, I figured that I could have the ultimate control over THEM by vetoing their overtures for messing around or just flirting. By doing this, I frustrate them further. it seems they like to do things like insinuate I am inadequate sexually in some way, but it's obvious I am not. Or it's a snobby showing off thing they do coupled with ignoring me to get me drooling over them.

    It seems like peer pressure, inducing a complex in order to get the target to cave in and get all hot for them. Nope. My reasoning: they are part of the mob, so it is they, not I, who is inadequate. That's how I rationalize it. And yes, our society teaches people that these behaviors are normal. That could explain why so many young people are in on these games: because they are imprinted with the line of thinking when they are very young and volatile. Hence, it becomes a part of their personality. It's our job as targets to lead by example, and teach them the proper way of doing things. That includes not caving in. That pisses them off even further. And they deserve no less, because they've made it their life's work to piss us off and keep us that way. By not caving in, we are doing to them what they try to do to us.

  2. It begs the question as to why there are so many perps? And the attitude I am getting from them is that I like to toss around the word jealousy, when in fact the only reason they are doing this is because they don't like me. And why would they need to "not like" someone they don't even know? Being a target is having complete strangers to us who have no idea who we even are thinking they know us. They have intel over us, that doesn't mean the know us. It also begs the question as to how well these complete strangers know us. They seem to know some things about us, but they actually think they know us. And why do they even care so much about us, when we don't know who we are?

  3. Found something interesting:


    LOL, the kid posted a pic of the dying man on his Twitter account, claiming he thought he was drunk? Well, I guess that speaks a lot about how much humanity people have these days. I personally don't believe the kid. I think he was making excuses for not getting involved. But maybe he really did think he was drunk.

    It's part of the culture these days: the lack of humanity, finding somebody lying there dying of injuries entertaining. And these are the ones claiming to care so much about suffering people when ranting on forums on the 'net. He probably would've expended the effort to get sent on a mission to harass someone, though. I don't think people connect with suffering victims. In any other era, he might've recognized the person as being a victim of an accident who needed help.

    That's just how I see it, and all my view, of course.