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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Joe Perry Of Aerosmith Claimed "Decent" Conservative By Ignorant Internet Poster

DECENT? That scumbag from this mafia connected piece of shit rock band gave my drug dealing ex a job that got his foot in the door in Hollywood while MY LIFE WAS SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYED.

Fuck Joe Perry, Death to Aerosmith and all their scumbag white trash friends as well as their Jew and Italian mob power brokers who back them.

I WAS TOLD TO MY FACE IN MICHIGAN BY A WOMAN THAT IN ORDER FOR MY EX TO GET THAT OPPORTUNITY WITH AEROSMITH THAT "He 'helped' someone". In other words he did something to assist in destroying my life during the early 2000s.

I know him and his upper middle class rich kid friends tried to actually frame me up. It was a massive conspiracy with many people from Newton MA involved where Perry lived for years I am told. Hes also a fuckin snobby asshole who thnks he knows what a 'better class of people' is. Then why the fuck is he in such a fucked up business that supports child molesting, trafficking and drugs? Why has he been partners in this winning and profitable musical combo for decades if he is the only decent one and thinks hes above everything?

Becuz the guy is a fucking Portuguese/Geuny from Lowell whos daddy was town treasurer whos proabably a dreadful upper middle class jerk himself who THINKS he knows what true wealth and class consists of. Hes also a money whore, bottom line.

You dont stay among swine when you think you are a pearl. This guy is a skinny, awkward, basically ugly geek who NEEDS money to get a wife, pussy, a decent house in a decent neighborhood or whatever else sociopaths like him need to create a good 'front' so he can cover for whatever private  bad, nasty habits and vices he needs to function in life.

He also probably knows way to much about criminal activity from the old days and if he doesn't play the game he'll be dead or as targeted as any of us out here.

Hes not decent. He's a tool of the system like every other asshole involved in this who doesn't have the balls to take a true moral and spiritual stand.



He might seem decent compared to the sleaze he works with but he might just be shrewd enough to know how to simply appear that way to cover his INdecency.

Becuz no one succeeds in the rock industry, especially through the 1970s, by having a shred of decency.

And all Ive seen is him supporting and exalting a drug dealer rich kid from Newton MA while I was being messed with constantly and have had to live on the street for six years.

America sucks. Aerosmith is considered an American institution now. These guys have always been heavies and politically/criminally connected and protected.

I can't wait to move to Europe where people see how ridiculous it is these guys are even wasting people's time with their pathetic music careers, which one can tell is constantly held up by outside writers musicians and other crutches. These old fuckin queens can seriously go straight to hell. They are snobs who laughably are themselves white trash. They are typical pathetic middle and upper middle class jokes trying to be truly wealthy.

They may have money but they will always be scene kids from the suburbs. Its always been a fuckin joke and they still are.

Tyler sucks yes. But at least hes got a sleaze about him from actually spending time as a NYC boy years ago.

But dont forget he'll do anything for fame or a buck as well.

The beauty of all this is the age. In years to come all.these assholes will be too old to pester us anymore or hopefully dead.

That just leaves my personal enemies to contend with like my mother, my ex friends and my ex boyfriend who I will torment any way I can get away with until either I win or I die. That includes anyone who helped them and their children and their children's children.

Becuz this wasnt just business with me. My life being destroyed in the manner it was is personal.

The authorities as well as scum like Aerosmith and other local musicians and connected people conspired with whoever else to help the system to purposely destroy my health, looks, talent and intelligence.

In cover story terms, Perry is an asshole who helped my ex get paid off with opportunity for assisting local corrupt authority in destroying my life so I could never be credible to testify against local career criminals in a federal investigation. Many people helping the system this way actually use escort services and must prevent being blackmailed. Decent, huh?

In terms of the big picture, he's in with domestic terrorists and war criminals due to fully supporting the campaigns and exploits of Bush/Chaney/Rumsfeld  and Co., that includes Romney who was governor of MA during Bush's presidency.

Aerosmith are powerful becuz they work for and assist the organized crime/intelligence agency forces that run this country and destroy any and all competition or threats to it getting its way on behalf of special interests.

The military industrial complex also owns alot within the music industry nowadays. 

Aerosmith are a bunch of total whores who started out doing whatever they had to to get famous and rich and continue to do so. Being talented doesn't mean shit in these businesses especially nowadays.

They are scum and so is the United States.

When I disappear into Europe and can finally expose everyone and everything in my writing, Aerosmith will be one of the things I will be so glad to shed from my memory- of my hometown, my musical experience and my American culture.  Death to anyone who helped my enemies. And anyone who would do such a thing ISNT DECENT.


Anonymous said...

It's just one part of pop "culture", which consists of cult-like worshipping of mediocre musicians and bands who seem to make out really good. A good example is the Beatles, with their "bad voice leading", as one famous eccentric classical pianist called them. Haha, and it's so true, a lot of pop musicians are real hacks when it comes to musical mastery and artistry. Yet the sheep think they are equivalent to Beethoven, Mozart, or Haydn.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the classic shtick the perps and the system use, that the person is a conquering hero who is so down-to-earth just because they were connected to your destruction. When in reality, they are just trash and so are their friends.