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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Romney In Radio Interview Footage Reveals Both Candidates Are Hopeless Culties, Not Reasonable People and Mere Charasmatic Stand Ins For Shadow Govt

personally at this point I'd rather see this radio announcer as president than any candidate running.

The presidential candidates of the past eleven years years have lacked any sort of common sense, calm, ability to think logically nor do they make people feel confident and safe with their decision making.

It seems like the candidates are charismatic personalities who push through their views rather than serve the public. They certainly serve to push through the agendas of special interests.

And as far as I can see that is all the purpose they serve.
Becuz America is now fully under cult mind control. Forget my claims of mass mind control. Just the character of the past presidential candidates has shown that special interests runs things and the public are to be mqnipulated to serve that agenda. Romney and Obama are very cult like figures and they behave and speak more akin to cult members than normal logical human beings. This is becuz if u want America to be like a cult then the leaders must be like cult members and behave and think as such. They are not free and one can see this in their expressions, mannerisms and ways of debate, decision making etc. Thus the public will not be free.

Romney seems like he gets butt hurt over things that adult males of his position should not be taking personally any longer. Obama does as well but Obama is MUCH better at the mask-at hiding his rage over the slights and unfairness shown to him in life. Which in my estimation makes him much more dangerous to those he feels he dislikes. Him even setting foot in a church with any such racial sentiment or such cult like material should be suspect.

Ensuring psychos like this get into office ensures that the public remain as nervous and insecure as their leaders-and such a populus will feed the economy by desperately seeking safety and solace through consumerism. Anti terror industry and feeding the military industrial complex.

These guys are the types with itchy trigger fingers and we sense this. We also sense that such people are probably controlled by higher forces with cooler heads and more control. Much more reasonable people.

Thus the cult effect is complete: we are controlled by higher, hidden forces. And the corporate culture and intelligence services with their covert presence is what keeps us, and our world safe and functioning.

When the president of the US is no longer a figure whos in charge, a truly competent strong father type figure and when he himself RESEMBLES A CULT MIND CONTROLLED RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST akin to our outside terrorist threats, we MUST rely on those special interests to keep us safe and keep our world running.

This is also a ploy to get the public to believe more in the global system as opposed to a single leader of any one country.

In short the presidency of the United States is a mere joke, to be filled in by whichever 'boy' is chosen by the public to gawk at and bitch about for four to eight years while he serves the true powers that run the country.

Its something I am not proud of nor do I want any part of it any longer. Never have special interests been so flagrant about letting us see the president is just a puppet. It makes me yearn for my infancy when the first president I recall seeing in tv was Ford. Someone who at least seemed like he was capable of being a man and making decisions.

And why did Romney feel he had to deal with the bills that came to his desk in solitude? What about the vote of the people? Why were Massachusetts residents not fully informed about such an issue to decide? It brings into question why all our internet and mass media isnt used for a more politically aware and active public but instead has seemed to produce a great dumb down of the masses instead. Making them more concerned about the new iPhone moreso than some greedy part of the local elite medical-academic industrial complex trying to push though sick human cloning projects.

Actually now I see Romney speak I actually like him better than Obama. He seems less obsessed with revenge than the Obamas, though he does seem to nurse wounds over past slights in a way not befitting a man of his position, education or age.
No matter who gets in we are going to be stuck with a cultie.

I dont know what to think about Romney's family member Laura involved in my GS campaign years ago, she certainly wasnt being honest nor was she helpful. Though she stated once that she was preventing another perp from harming me who was very viscous actually.

Still what I experienced of Romney involved in my campaign only consisted of Laura being involved directly as well as GS groups from MI being used which is just coincidence possibly. And the timing of my GS campaign where Romney was gov of MA at the same time Bush was president and McCain was gov of AZ and Giuliani gov of NY. All that same Republican set. The boys club.
Now elder Bush endorses Romney as president.

I wonder if even these people themselves such as Romney are merely under influence like chess board pieces and have no idea what they are really doing or who they represent. It would be easy for them to take part in more sinister things without showing signs of doing so outwardly.

Romney's father seemed like a much more dominant character and actually realized that coercion and re education were a part of manipulating views on issues such as war in US policy:

At this point it seems like the shadow govt is in control not the president. And if I have to choose between Obama and Romney its like choosing between two torture implements in a dungeon, as to which manner of death u prefer.

Americans who recall sanity in this country are forced to live a lie and in a false reality everyday in this country. Only revealing the truth about 9-11 and how mind control influence was used to get Bush elected and re elected can we ever truly be free again. And thats not going to happen. Too many people have been indoctrinated into this massive nationwide cult, to many minds are agreeing on this reality collectively. What makes a religion or belief real isnt a god but people's belief in it. Guns dont kill people, people kill people and gods dont really exist, people give life to them and keep them alive.

Most of the population seem satisfied with being had-the results of the events of the past two decades.

For those of us who have been so robbed and justice never metered out for us, this reality is hardly sufficient.

Its time to cut the ties with the living lie that is the United States. It no longer exists.

And the NWO is fully functional and this is more of what our world consists of now than our homeland.

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