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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cambridge PD Harassing Homeless With Arrogant Mouthy Bullshit Instead Of Doing Paperwork And Writing Tickets

If the cambridge pd inconveniences me ever again by fucking with WHATS MINE out here (my man)  i am going to come alive and defend myself like u have never fuckin seen before.

Don't toy with whats mine again.

Its as if they want me to finally see theyve won. That i am totally discredited and no one is going to listen to me.

I know that fat scumbag Jake Hamilton and his rich family from Newton paid off to the Cambridge pd scum. I hope theyve had alot of laughs at my expense. Jake  was in the wrong and everybody knows it. All youve proved is that u r truly abusive arrogant scum who defend the rich for a price.

Cambridge PD can go fuck themselves. And i WILL have my revenge one day. So keep being satisfied now and thinking u r so great.

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