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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Portsmouth NH Overt Harassment

This area differs from any other weve been in. Getting cars going by with overt harassment. GS harassment style.

Wasnt like this last few towns we went through. Though at Hampton laundrymat i thought I saw a man snap my picture which of course could be why we are getting harassment becuz i revealed my travel plans in that location and one destination was Portsmouth.

Cut the crap or there will be consequences.


Anonymous said...

I've seen that before. 4 years ago, I noticed a lot of people holding out their cell phones, like they are taking my picture, followed up by some texting. Looks like they send picture messages via text to other perps who focus in on the TI.

I stopped paying attention to what they're doing, though they seem to be doing it less. I thought that maybe they could be faking it as a psyche out. But of course, texting with picture messages optionally seems to be their main way of getting the message out to other perps.

Mike said...

My week was going well, I was feeling pretty good about life. Then after I posted the last message to you I got some rest and then woke up with feelings of despair, and wanting to die, walked out of house and I fealt they were on again.I know the little bitch comments are gonna be getting their girly girl cunt comments in as soon as I go out.

Anonymous said...

And thus it is a good example of how the gangstalking system works. Make sure to hire a perp as manager, and most of the time, the manager isn't fulfilling the duties of the job description. Having a worker talk on his or her phone the entire time and not do much of anything, putting the gangstalking system first and duties as an employee second.

Why? Are we to believe this manager was doing this only to avoid getting targeted himself? If I ever did that on a job, I would be fired. Yet these people actually get the opposite: they get promoted!!