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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leaving Cambridge Tomorrow, Hopefully The Country Soon

I cant wait to get out of this arrogant n*gger infested Elitist Liberal hell hole known as Cambridge and Boston.

As of right now I personally know of only one decent black male I have as an acquaintance. One or two who actually belong in the Harvard Sq crowd of street people. The rest are just rats and dealers there to do drug deals. Cop ass licking scum bags. Ghetto garbage.

Those numbers arent good. And outside Harvard no place is safe from the arrogant, destructive ghetto garbage that defines poverty outside Harvard Sq.

Central Sq has always been a total armpit, only enamored by long term street drunks.

And becuz no one has the balls anymore to self police their neighborhoods or territory, the scum destroy every place poor people live. Harvard Sq is trying to now get ALL homeless and travelers out mostly by allowing addicts and rapists to go unchecked by the true Harvard Squatting community.

The powers that be seem to be allowing even causing chaos so they can make Harvard Sq vagrant and squatter free.

With how much remote influence is there and how many cell tower repeaters are on buildngs in that location just the electromagnetic pollution alone can cause human insanity forget about if people are targeted or not. If anyone is electromag sensitive they will react badly. And I have attested to years of being messed with there as well as feeling watched. (Come to find out there are at least three cameras on the Square and these are fed into the MBTA cameras. Anyone with tech ability like at MIT, some offical power or other could hack into or recieve that feed. This is how alot of the human experimentation has been done. Dr John Hall claims this system in his work, that the perps are hacking into surveillance cameras. Why not? Its the perfect way to observe as one does human experimentation.)

I think they are preparing for Romney to get in as president. If he doesnt Obama is going to do some things that we are not going to like. Hes already become a tool of the powers that be with kill lists etc. And giving a kept down black man a Nobel Peace prize is the best cover for his creating kill lists and using drones-whos going to argue? Its a great front thats for sure.

Mr Rogers can drop bombs with alot less protest than an overt tyrant like Bush.

I think Ive done my time helping my country and trying to save it or help my fellow citizens. Ive put out all the info anyone would need to know and documented key incidents.  All that remains is to map it out completely in some form in print. My job is done.

Nothing more can be done for the people in this country. Most seem content with their world and their culture. Sadly America simply will never evolve or grown  up or wake up to reality. They will continue to behave as they do like oblivious, dangerus children.

All that anyone can do is to try to forever prevent the spread of the American culture like cancer across the globe and try to contain it as long as possible.

Nothing else can be done. Its deadly to all other cultures it comes into contact with.

I dont care about making enemies now or losing support from people. Becuz no one really does anything about my situation anyway and Ive experienced so much more of the US population being against me than trying to help.

Obviously I am not an American at all. I feel like I never was. I never fit in here anyway. Its time to return to the ancestral homelands.

And I know they dont like Americans and I might be in danger. I just dont care. Its better than suffering in what now feels like a totally foreign country.

And I am not being allowed to get justice or restitution for what was done to me. Why should I stay? Why stay somewhere where most people dislike you? Sort of pointless isnt it?

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