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Friday, August 24, 2012

Beware Synthetic Marijuana Products

(Resting at drop in. Going to nap. My eyes are dropping just writing this. I am so damn dedicated to this blog...)

I had been around a couple in Cali who smoked Spice constantly and it never bothered me but that was outside.

Recently I was inside, housed for two weeks in Seabrook NH. Someone got this synthetic stuff called NUGS. It was in a clear small jar. He smoked it inside and thats just about the time I began having heart palpitations. I even went to the hospital just to make sure everything was normal.

I made him get rid of the stuff and we washed everything mostly in our packs. He even exchanged his pack for a new one at a store becuz the pack had been damaged so his pack os new.

But we didn't clean a few things and I am wondering if that is the cause of the palpitations returning sometimes off and on.  If it is indeed due to the synthetic marijuana.

I know that I felt the palpitation condition in the house we were in moreso than if I was out of the house. The source of this condition at its beginning was definitely something in that house.

It would worsen upon return.

Now despite location changes and washing belongings the condition seems to persist though there are many days where my heart feels normal and unaffected by this condition.

I was fine before going north to NH and Maine. 

Its very disconcerting, on top of my other health issues and being targeted for years I really dont need this.

On top of heart flutter its now being accompanied by what feels like chest tightness. Ive never experienced anything like this before where it felt like it was induced or 'caught ' by something in the environment and then stayed with me like a constant condition.

I even wondered if it has anything to do with the nuclear power plant at Seabrook or radon in that house as there is supposed to be a high instance of homes in that area effected by high radon levels.

I still say it was that Nuggs crap. My companion said it made him feel anxiety.

So it seems many other people have developed a lasting condition of palpitations from synthetic marijuana. I was just in the same room with the smoker not taking it in myself (allergic reactions, liver acting up past year and the physical and neurological damage from the mold exposure from that Brighton apartment changing the way my body and mind process taking ANY drug-even antibiotics. I wont risk it).

Its just like methadone-does more harm to the human body than the original 'problem' drug.

I know this is an unpopular view but its also an unusual one: if only the bastardized, man made versions of these plants did not exist, humans wouldn't be so easily addicted.

Coca leaves, opium poppy tea and plain old marijuana as nature grows it. These are plants. Natives use them in daily life, they dont use them to escaped life. I think both modern man and ancient man use them to find some sort of spiritual experience.  Modern man however cannot be allowed to use plants as ancient man did. He's got to have the whole ritual and process bastardized so it creates misery, mere escapism and delendence. Otherwise you might grow out of the man made reality or...actually achieve balance and happiness which then makes retail therapy seem useless.

I do not appreciate having to deal with yet ANOTHER health issue, this one rather alarming.

NH recently made all synthetics illegal and took them off the shelves. My friend was bitching its becuz they are conservative up there but now we know better.


Anonymous said...

yep that's what it is for sure. Still realing from the EXACT same crap here. I got set up after reading your blog. I'm right there with ya.

Anonymous said...

So, they are eliminating all the real everythings and replacing them with fakes. Our world's become a lot like a Biosphere, where there is controlled experimentation, complete with human subjects, and a controlled outcome. To do this, everything real has to be destroyed, and replaced with synthetic. That's one reason GS agents are always playing other people in the presence of the TI. All the world is a stage, and the perps are controlling the script. And TI's wouldn't be caught dead imitating, portraying, or mocking other human beings as the GS perps like to do. That serves as minor proof they are real human beings, and must be destroyed, as seen by the eyes of the perps. Of course, there is big money in the popular med companies out there, so of course, that is just one slice of the NWO pie. Control and stage everything whenever possible, and study the real things in excruciating detail, replace them with synthetic things and people, and then dispose of them. This includes TI's. It is much like Disneyworld on a much larger scale.

No wonder people hate us so much: they are much obliged for this New World Order, and trust that the perps creating and engineering this NWO are going to bring happiness and prosperity. But just look at the economy and the federal budget. They're spiraling out of control, and have been for a long time. There has to be a master plan behind this, as though these things, too, are a desired outcome by the Elite.

Mike said...

That stuff is supposed to be really dangerous, causing panic attacks and stuff. People like us really need to be in a natural state of mind, for my own well being, I stay away from things that can alter the mind. I stay away from people that are into that crap too. If it isnt food, or drink keep it out of, and away from your body. Things like that don't mix with people like us. It is all poison like kryptonite to the super. We are advanced in our abilities, and things that may make others high will destroy us at our higher levels of being.