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Sunday, August 19, 2012

When Experiencing Kindness From Americans It Kinda Makes You Not Wish Em Dead...hmm

Yeah out here in Kenmore Sq without the Red Sox scum (Homeland Security/CIA corporate scum/shills).

People are generally nice out here but so much of June and July are ruined in Kenmore by nasty ever present overt gang stalking that seems to start after the schools graduate and dies down around this time of year. And the red sox nation scum basically take over Kenmore Sq for the summer. Its hard to find a time when they arent stinking up the place.

The fans are so extremely nasty. They cant ALL be perps...can they?

Maybe RS nation is literally a front for some covert op or agency. There was that newspaper article about the Sox owner or the organization lending jets to CIA for Gitmo like torture/interrogation rides.

Its just so hard to actually admit any of this is really...REAL.

Its so insane that theres actually a faction of the US power structure with THAT much power and has that bad of a record historically of abuse of power that hardly anyone seems to know about or worse-doesnt believe in even though theres enough material and documentation to show cause and by deduction at least have a bit of a case for it to be believable.

But its the same every year now. The only months I can really tolerate the weather here are May/June and Sept with Oct pushing it. I am not well enough to stay out through Dec like in years past.

And the Sox perps ruin June here every year now. At least theres Sept I guess but thats when the..uh, lets call  it 'tech management' seems to come into use again, until late May.

Its so sad my cities have been reduced to this. Just businesses to be run and managed yearly. And humans to be controlled and herded like cattle.

Its unbelievable sad. Becuz times like these reminds me who I was always intending to write my book for. Or why I cared enough about humanity to do so in the first place.

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  1. I think there is nothing more magical than natural human ability. There are things like psychic abilities and other supernatural aspects to people which is why I feel they study targets. I was just thinking about how reducing people down to mere obedient animals is a way of herding these people away from discovering innate powers within them. And that would be the spiritual/metaphysical "powers" they have. If you've noticed, a lot of who we run across seem like buffalo trying to stampede us. And they seem content with that. I think it's part of the herding they are doing: rounding up people who are very thuggy and animalistic, herding them, and directing them like shepherds to run us over so we can't function like gods. And these seem like the dominant types out in society now. And it's not just pure animalism; no, it's a stampede which relies on surveillance. And like most stampedes, most animals don't even know what the fuss is about. The see the fracas, and mindlessly join in via instinct. There is something about the intricacies of humans that they are interested in studying. The exact opposite are the crude and vulgar types they herd for the purpose of running us down. I think those types probably do have some innate powers also, but they are being deceived into joining the stampede to run over anyone possessing those fine qualities that are a threat to the NWO.