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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lately its been this disgusting line of thought consisting of getting to some perfect story book nice ending and even...going back with my family after its resolved.

Oh my fucking god...I do NOT think so. Who in the fuck is behind the helm of the mind control machinery these days? June Cleaver or...the Mormons perhaps?

The entire mind control set up in its nature since the get go has been very in line with Mormon thinking or even Muslim thinking. Which is all very suspect. Women being controlled and watched and kept from independence and being artists. Denied thier primitive powers bestowed on us by the power of Nature in the primitive world.

Even the damage done to my female organs is suspect. Like it was planned. A result similar to Female Genital Mutilation. And the Mormons actually watch and stalk their women as I was told my a man in AZ " make sure they are doing what they are supposed to." Being a typical weakling and creepy he of course said this with a sense of fascination or covert approval. And of course I was harassed in his home where I rented a room to a ridiculously overt degree while there. Hes either a pedophile or a john whos in on GS. He hides behind being part of a church and he's an airline pilot. People in his neighborhood seemed to be in on the gs campaign. The way they greeted him (especially this pathetic black dude-a rarity in Tempe AZ so hes probably begging like a dog for approval, which is what it looked like when he bowed his head and shook his hand at David Nary's front door..but I could tell they were GS perps. All of them.

Scum. And Nary seemed to know alot about me. Claimed to know this FROM FEDERAL MARSHALS WHO WERE WORKING ON HIS FLIGHTS AT THE AIRPORT. So dont tell me that the pedo networks and drugs etc arent being helped along by authorities. These assholes took FULL advantage of 9-11 to make money through anti terror and then to use that as a cover to fuck with any enemies or victims they had in connection to thier organized crime activities.

America is a bunch of totally naive sheep under mind control. They dont want to see that anti terror and Homeland Security protecting the US from outside threats doesnt mean that the authorities have stopped being corrupt. It actually means they are better at hiding now, have more to hide behind and have more at thier disposal to reach thier goals WITHOUT BEING QUESTIONED.

And no one wants to deal with this becuz they feel its the price of being safe.

This guy who hangs in Harvard Sq (38 years old and claims to be the Capt of Homeland Security for the airport) who I had his number from the get go but needed to see if he could provide protection or information at the time-has a number of qualities that point towards him being not only being a closeted homosexual but a taste for something perhaps more sinister. He had too much information about me and my situation as usual and only revealed that in a way where a mind controlled or victimized person would hear that info but couldnt consciously acknowledge it. Typical mind control tactics.
Its questionable whether hes really who he says he is..but alot of people establish that he is. Just another person whos questionable who knows too much about my situation and plays with it. I am sick of this. Its always the law enforcement people or the criminals who know this stuff about me. I am genuinely tired of having my life controlled by scum like that.

The United States is a lie anyway as I have mapped out. Everything from the Native American genocides many of other things any of us can think of. And America hates all poor EuroAmericans who arent stupid (and arent Jewish or belong to a group so they can be controlled whether that be a family, a neighborhood, a religion etc) and are talented, and X forbid-attractive as well.

Its a lie, it hates people like me and it seems to hate me personally. Ive always been victimized in this country and never treated properly. Ive always been kept down. Why would I want to be in this country. I dont even LIKE this culture with what its become. ITS NOT AMERICA ANYMORE.

And if the entire country wants to allow the authorities to operate more corrupt than ever in return for security then I dont need to be here. Americans who do know about this situation actually feel comfortable with leaning on people like me (victims of authority they cooperate with) so that THEY can have good lives.

Does that sound like something I should be putting myself through?

The USA will never admit to what its done and it will never prosecute the war criminals like Bush. They will never pay me off the million or so dollars I am owed for how much I have been through. Its easier to just write me off and ignore me and have an unofficial label of mental illness.

Why would I put myself through this? Most people in the US are just like my mother-who is actually a good American, a typical American; they simply accept the pecking order and dysfunctional families are better than no family at all. Which is total bullshit.

The only way for me to remain in the United States is to accept my fate, my position, my 'place' as its been laid out and defined BY THE GANG STALKING SYSTEM and its oppressive authority as well as the people of the United States who go along with such operations for whatever thier reasons are. Why would I accept such a low status when I was born with so much more talent, looks, abilities, athleticism and intelligence? It doesnt matter than alot of it is gone due to years of abuse by said system in place: this never should have happened and it is not the kind of life I was supposed to have.

Why would I go to a court of law in THIS country and ask for justice? That would be as useless as the Native Americans going to a court of law in the United States and demanding justice or even honesty. All one has to do is look at the case of the Native Americans to see plainly that the US is deceptive, thieving, capable of mass genocide to get its way (Manifest Destiny? Give me a fucking break. And as a citizen you now live in this country thanks to that sick concept.), marginalizes its victims to silence them and IGNORES REALITY. Of course its 'In God' they trust- becuz one good made up and fraudulent authority deserves another. What ELSE are they supposed to put before the people as an ultimate authority to 'trust'???! Becuz from the track records Ive seen and experienced first hand, I wouldnt trust the authority of the PEOPLE in authority or thier sick fucked up, brainwashed citizens.

And the only way to get out of facing this reality of history is to regard referring to the Native American issue as trite. As if its been done and no one is listening anymore. It was a 70s thing that uprising and its over now. Now they are content to have casinos etc.
Thats typical of a bunch of Liberal Elitists and morons from cities who NEVER VISIT NATIVE STRONG PLACES LIKE THE BORDER OR THE SOUTH WEST. From what I have seen, an entire people still suffer. I have seen drunk Natives express a suffering that you can tell reflects that of AN ENTIRE RACE AND NATION OF PEOPLE. And you want to pawn this off on casinos making it all better.

See thats the thing-even if I GOT the million dollars I just wrote about, it wouldnt bring back my lost potential, my soul, my life the way it was nor would it stop the suffering. Money doesnt fix everything. And its typical of a very dysfunctional family or person to pay people off (and continue to abuse) instead of face up to what they are doing.

America isnt for me. It hasnt been since the day I was born. Its always been that way. Ive never fit in here, I dont look like anyone here, I dont think like Americans I dont even dress like them. I am basically an Italian Slav with some norther European tendencies. Perhaps a small bit Asian as well. There is nothing American about me, except my willingness to fight against odds and to change things and utilize my freedom of speech-all of which is useless in the current environment and culture. Which has become very UN-American actually.


Anonymous said...

A team of scientists funded by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have implanted miniature neural and muscle stimulation systems into beetles to enable their flight to be remotely controlled.

Pretty sad, because I feel this is how the people involved wish to view targets. Just another cyborg to be kept in line and controlled appropriately via "human" gangstalking and other means. No wonder we don't get treated like humans by others (like members of the general public who laugh at us and go along with this).

Anonymous said...

First the Indians, and now people who stand for something and don't want to "fit in".