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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

People Think They Got Away With Everything/Fuck Those Smilin House N*ggers

The guy who cleans up at 199 Mass Ave, the complex that houses CVS and the post office as well as those posh apartments..hes all smiles and asking me "sweetheart if u r done with that u can throw it in here" (my yogurt container i was eating out of) carrying his little clean up bin with the broom. I feigned politeness obviously by saying i was still eating and he faked a bullshit smug allright have a nice day now and i returned a bullshit thank you.

This is the same asshole who a few years ago was telling me i couldnt sit down to eat and rest a moment in that area and said something about getting the riff raff out of the area.

In MA the black man keeps his position as house slave for the elite so he feels HE or she isnt riff raff. Obviously.

This house nigga can go fuck himself just as every asshole in this city who actually believes that destroying my looks, health, youth and future under the guise of false morality when actually they are supporting organized crime is some sort of great accompmishment.

U r still just a house nigga. I am the one with testimony that could have put people away for life so i am told. U arent a proud upstanding working African American u r a sell out. A nigger. An enemy of the people and especially of freedom fighters everywhere who actually still believe in their country.

U r an example of how easy it was for black to pimp their own kind out to Arab and Jew slave traders out of Africa.

You suck. Fuck u.


Dumb brainwashed blacks wit the minds of children are bad enough...its the ones who think they are smarter than me that piss me off.

Like I dont recall every incident thats been perpetrated on my for the past ten years.

Fuck u.

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  1. This post proves that the one thing they haven't taken from you yet is your fighting spirit. Keep your head up, don't let those pigs bother you.