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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

System Thinks It Won

Ive been runnimg myself ragged takimg care of this boyfriemd out here just so I,domt have tob alome. The gs system forced me into this servitude. I look old and tired, hes so detached that I spend all my energy tryimg to b a good xa re tKerto get his attwntiom I think.

I have lost my independence. I dont work on my blogs or my book.

Tonight this kid from years ago came into harvard sq. Uswd to be a peacable occasional heroin user, stole to make money.
He was acting crazy tonight trying to get into a fight with just anyone based on race.

I prevented it and told him he was getting that look when a guy goes to prison too oftwn and to get out MA.

After this he left but I heard he came bCk again and did fight.

Poimt is that after this just now when walkimf to use barhroom before bed I had the experience of feelimg an authoriry behind the FS system 'give' me back my full emotional memoriws Md emotionL connections to people in my prjor life before becoming targwted.
And took away my being posessed , owned by or having connection or association with satanic forces...the ones ive been brainwazhed and conditioned to feel think and believe am associated with through this long term alking gang stalking campaign.

All it took for me to b free of non stop torment and spiritual bondage from years of non stop torture was for me to become old looking, physically worn and sick, lose most of my sexual prowess and stop give up my own .eeds and concerns to become a caretaker to males mostly resembling a wife and mother. Being with this guy lately haz had a dumbdown eccfect.

I refuse to b modified internally by whats ob iously been a long process of conditioning to bring me down to a average persons level and rendwd me completely harmless and neutralzed.

Go fuck yourselves. I still hate the US and know Americans suck. People in on thiz have been jealous cowards who could ne er b as exemplary as Survivors are.

I refuse to change or b altered.

Theyve only dwatroyed a potentially happy, well adjusted person who had artistic talent. And helped the system of RA and programming to cover its ass.

Youve helped the bad guys..greaf.

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  1. That's one area they work on constantly, it seems. Like, they have various psy-ops and in-human shills doing skits, and I think the skits have the ultimate goal of trying to separate the TI from who he or she was.

    I could elaborate with actual examples, but I don't want them to pick up on this and start new skits based on my descriptions. Basically, they are trying to associate something negative with earlier memories of ourselves, or who were once were, in order to prevent us from recalling who we once were. They want negativity associated with that, and it could also serve as brainwashing, to make us think that we used to have a hard life, or that we actually were bad people and the system changed us for the better. But I can see the mechanism in action, that they are trying to associate bad or negative things with our earlier life/memories.

    So why is it they don't want us helping other TI's? I honestly don't know why they have such a problem with us living the life we want to, and being ourselves. Mainly I am talking about the people we encounter. I know why the actual perps have a problem with us. It's the everyday people we encounter, who are dedicated in humiliating and destroying us. Are they that jealous of us? Since some know about our predicament, I'm surprised they would be jealous, as they know what happens to people like us. Maybe it's because we are actively resisting and shunning the system and making a stand, and they can't do this?