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Friday, August 17, 2012

Citizen Spy Article Names Companies/Organizations That Are Working With HOMELAND SECURITY But Are On TIs Top Lists Of Gang Stalking/Tech Harassment Perps

OMG!! These are ALL the most major perps ever! Major league baseball?? Amtrak? WalMart??

And the public transportation workers like buses, trains etc Ive experienced as the most brutal harassers throughout are well known to be considered by Homeland to be part of their "first line of defense".

Yeah, we r screwed. This is pretty hopeless. Wish I realized this sooner.

Its comforting to know...after all thats happened, that Homeland Security are nothing but a powerful organization of high tech, omnipresent thugs whos job it is to strong arm ANYONE who knows too much about the scams going on in the country.

So thats it? Really? Seriously, just a bunch of thugs, comparable to someone who works for the mob to break legs or silence victim witnesses??

I feel so much better knowing I have a total right to lose all respect for the power structures in my country before I leave this place for good

Feels pretty good actually.

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