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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Revealing and Validating Conversation With A Policeman

Kenmore Sq, Boston, today. Sox game, patrons still arriving.

Long winded fight between annoying black lesbian crackhead regular panhandler and an aquiantance of mine over who gets to sit in front of 7-11.

Becuz i have had it with black's ghetto behaviors I simply taunted the entire thing as a chimpout, even stating so, even though my acquaintance is African American, but he's not what I'd consider the n word. Hes intelligent and such other qualities.

And to b honest I can sympathize with bad behavior becuz I understand the environment and circumstances that produces it-I just do not have the tolerance for it anymore.

After the cops came and left I of course was annoyed becuz after being overtly gang stalked by UNIFORMED OFFICERS over the years occasionally in campaigns in many cities (some places dont use uniformed cops or marked cars, some do), I simply have no tolerance for them either. Its as if I am now biochemically reacting from conditioning to their physical presence in an area. It incites war like tendecies and a hatred of them that was not the norm for me before 2004. I suspect that this is not only part of the dumb down process and discreditation but a large part of the process of making a Survivor into a lone shooter who chooses death by cop often enough.

After all this commotion I saw a uniformed cop shake hands with one of the Red Sox ticket scalpers. As if they were on the same side. At that moment, they even looked the same-dark glasses, similar builds and stature. They discussed something on the scalper's phone and the cop then shook hands again and went to leave.

As he approached his car I stated they were all scumbags.

A disturbingly candid conversation followed:

Cop: "Excuse me?"

Me: "You're all scumbags. You take payoffs from those guys".

C: "Whos a scumbag?"

M: "You and the whole force, you take payoffs from those guys".

C: "I take payoffs?"

M: "How much do you get from those guys every year?"

I make the mula gesture with my fingers, rubbing the thumb against the forefingers.

C:"How much do they pay us every year? Thousands!"

M: "You and the whole force, you're bad news."


M: "You take payoffs, your murderous...you dont care about people."

C:".....we put you where you are right nownI assume?"

M: "Yeah, most likely. Probably."

C: "Why dont you leave, go somewhere else?"

M: "It doesnt matter where you go, you guys have a network nationwide".

C: "Yeah, I know".

Pause..he looks at me a bit closer, smiles and asks "Where are YOU from?"

I pause and realize explaining anything is useless. I turn back and say "Never mind that."

C: "Why dont you go higher up with this then?"

I couldnt stand anymore so I cut him off with a rather disrespctful and dismissive "Goobye" Repeatedly and loudly. He simply left.

It made me so sick, the entire scene today, with the blacks fighting then looking at the Irish mob guys act like they are perpetually on a street corner or in a prison yard wherever they go for life then that cop...I got up and really had no desire to stem there anymore. Ever again for that matter..not with the zoo that the games bring in. With all its various creatures.

I took a hard look at the city and its inhabitants as the #1bus passed from Boston into Cambridge.

I realized that ot was a fact that none of  these  people looked like me. That this place was never going to be for ME. I can or could never fit in here.

It was no longer a feeling or a suspicion but now been realized as fact, backed up by today's experiences and many others in recent years.

Hearing and seeing that policeman really admit to all of this. I dont know if someone like him knows about all the military grade technologies and the psy ops. Or even if he didnt already know who I was and was just playing psych games, I felt not though.

That suggestion, to go higher up-why? So I can kiss the ring? So I can be told in person and factually the full price of selling out completely?

Then fully realize that the situation in this country especially this city is as hopeless as every person who thinks my activism indicates the end of the world thinks it is?

The problem isnt with the technologies its the people who are abusing them for their own gain. And that is something that many GS activists dont seem to focus on as much as the tech itself or faceless entities seemingly bordering on paranoia like 'The Government' or The CIA, The Illuminati, The Elite.

Its hard to accept Target's claims as factual when we TIs cant put a real face on the perpetrators. Instead simply labeling any and all strangers involved as 'perps'.

Today I saw the face of stupidity never as clear as I have before as to whos behind these war crimes.

Its now evident that the actions of some local criminals can now be tied in with international war crimes.

Interestingly this has always been the case, it just wasnt easy for your average citizen to map out criminal operations on that scale until the internet and of course experiencing the horrors of what these technologies can do.

Its not so unexpected or scary-organized crime and crooked cops. Utilizing these technologies that are supposed to be just used against the worst enemies of a country in a capacity of war by the military HAS BEEN however extremely frightening and traumatizing.

And it isnt right, that the two should be connected at all.

I think 9-11 has allowed the lowliest local authorities access to power and connections in the military and intelligence they have no business having access to.

To do to me what has been done, alot of which has been on par with Guantanamo Bay type torture,  to have any connection to the likes of who I saw today is whats outrageous, frightening and unacceptable.

These weapons were developed for use in extreme warfare and psychological operations not for the creation of a police state run by the same crooked cops and their organized crime cronies as townies have and average citizens have dealt with throughout history.

They are hiding the existence of these 21st century progresses from the public becuz THEY ARE MISUSING THEM FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

There is no way MA state police or city cops should have knowledge or access to such weapons or tech of military caliber meant for special forces. Especially if they are just the same old corrupt system they always were.  Which is one of the main reasons they have to make it look as if theyve cleaned up their act and that includes all the authorities.

One service the cop did provide today-I am very sure I am not crazy or imagining things. The psych warfare is so pervasive there are days when one does begin to drift into the way they arrange for thier victims to think. As always this must be fought and one must remain centered and remember the truth.


  1. Sounds like the denial game cops like to play. Like, why would anyone want to stalk YOU? I explained it to him, his sidekick covers his mouth and snickers. He's typical of the type who know about this and find it funny. I would not wish this type of life on anybody. So a logical extension would be: who's paying us? Etc. And then they turn to overt stuff as an excuse, like the payoffs are really their salaries. They never admit to covert stuff. If they did, the entire network would be in jeopardy. And they wouldn't be able to get their payoffs (not their salaries), and their perks.

  2. Brave girl. I wouldn't have had the nerve to say those things, probably.

  3. Going by your transcript of the converstaion you had with the cop. Sounds like a good cop, he was talking to you human to human, and wasnt even thinking of himself as an enforcer when talking to you. There may be lots of them that are in on g.s., but I have met many really cool cops, especially in N.Y. I had the opportunity to be one, and could have been one, and I didnt even know what gstalkin was at the time, but then changed my career path.

  4. Yeah, the police are neck deep in this crap.