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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hey Cambridge! Youve GotnA Wackjob Cop On Your Force! Multiple Complaints

Youve got a cop whos harassing homeless people and being paranoid.

This officer is average height, kinda stocky, mid 30s,  hair is standard US Marines 'high and tight' .

He was the main harasser in the incident this evening which an aquantance is going to report. Insulting people while running names in a park under what sounds like a bs tip off (to avoid being accused of profiling probably).

U can run peoples names. U can give people a ticket for marijuana. You CANNOT insult a citizen becuz they posess a foodstamp card, then state that the people who live in the houses around the park pay taxes and t get off their property.

That is what mr ambitious did tonight among other hardass bullshit Ive heard. And his partner then piped up and called everyone present "street urchins".

Try that with me and i will tell u right to your face that your own crooked department is who helped make me homeless.  Bust MY balls like that and I will twist your amateur head up before u can finish your little attempts at pathetic homegrown psych warfare.

Tell this career minded yahoo that this is Cambridge not Kentucky. Also this isnt the fuckin CORP. My grandfather AND GRANDMOTHER were fuckin Marine Corp and I know how your fuckin head works...and believe me I know what to do with abuse of power from CORP people to.

U think u gonna cut your teeth on homeless people in Harvard Sq? U got another thing coming. These Liberal Elitists are very useful at times. They are still Liberals remember.

And u could have a job in East St Louis...or El Paso where federal  marshals have a habit of washing up in drain pipes with their throats sliced...or heads missing (ahh, the ever bloody minded Aztecs.).

Just becuz u have a niiiicce eaaassy gig here doesnt mean that u cant be transferred elsewhere-that isnt so nice. Becuz it sounds like THIS particular homeless woman has actually gone to and stayed in places this cop and his buddy only dream about.

Stop living out your hard on power trip fantasies in Cambridge. Like I tell arrogant busdrivers: u can always get a route in Roxbury where the same arrogance will get u pepper sprayed or stabbed.

Also this wacko approached a long time homeless resident who's of a peaceful nature and accused him of recording him with his phone and demanded this man show him everything on his Ipod.

Get this wingnut under control or I will take the time to do it for u.

Do u really WANT me to have an excuse to dig my claws into a member of a particular dept who I know was so much a part of destroying my life?

U dont fuckin want that. Whoever these young scumbags are at night, whoever this wanna be alpha male is relieve him of some of his testosterone. Becuz hes disturbing my nest and pissing me off.

What is this guy former military? Then we can REALLY have fun with him. Dont even tempt me...just back his shit off.

Some of the people involved are going to the aclu and i will advise them internal affairs.

Even Patton had to learn a lesson about abuse of power: u cant slap a soldier.

There are boundaries...and this isnt a shooting gallery for your ego or verbal abuse skills. You cant just do whatever u want.

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Anonymous said...

Can you ever please get a cell phone or other type of cheap camera and tape them? It would make your life easier.