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Sunday, August 19, 2012

America: The Prison You Call Home

So I am not the only one who sees America never got away from the plantation/sweatshop model.

This post has been my experience exactly. And the GS system is used to ensure it remains as such.

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Anonymous said...

As a very young child in the early 70's, somewhere up to around say 1974 or 1973, I could swear the US was a much more hospitable place to live. Like, you could live in a small town, and have all the stores you needed around you. It seemed like over here, it was closer to Europe and Australia in terms of the "just happy to be alive" feeling. And you could easily get a good job and buy a solidly-built house. Now, you need to make upwards of say $40k per year just to be able to eat at fast food places, which are now gouging the customers instead of offering them food at a cost that matches the quality of the food they serve. And the places where you shopped made you feel comfortable, instead of making it a hellish experience, like it is now, with the electronic mind control interfacing and the perps that troll those places. And if you're a target, they supress you and psych you out at every turn, and make sure you know that you are watched by "them" and their pet mobbing group animals.

I wish I could go back in time. I was actually reprimanded for calling these two young perps "loudmouths" or "bigmouths", saying something along the lines that I was intolerant. This is an example of the political correctness that has cast a long shadow and has long sunk in with the American public. When you get corrected for saying perps are bigmouths or animals, you know something isn't right. Cause that's exactly what they are. It's just that everyone accepts the fact that said creatures are pets of the "Elte ruling class", and they are here to make sure we accept our places (the targets). That's another thing: if we reject the power structure here. and do not feel the need to "know our place" (like "bitches" of the system), then we are treated like bad children or pets that need punished.