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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Leashed Dogs Who Protect The Interests Of The Elite And Other Animals

Lic m62 726 MA. He didnt do anything GS related but it was some kind of police car when i turned around to look  at who was talking behind me.

And i knew it was some kind of asshole in power. Aggressive and arrogant in their speech, so very sure of the grip of their firm handshake as they said goodbye to their buddy, just as sure as their grip on the city they run with their rich corrupt cronies.

But deep down one can sense the insecurity, the full knowledge of wrong doing that every policeman or public servant has thus a criminal almost killer like aggression must be applied moment by moment to cover up for this presence of guilt within these men.  The existence of truth and justice within them has to be altered, bastardized, comprimised and kept down in order to survive in the world of human animals.

Its sad for them but whats most annoying is that they want to insist that every one of their victims, like myself, agrees with THEIR point of view. Their version of reality. 

As if this helps them along through life as they continue to exist only to manage crime for special interests instead of the system working as it claims to. All rules with exceptions-not really rules at all.

Their 'this is the way it is' attitude is childish, malecentric and very 20th century.

Just becuz a large group of predominantly male subgroups and their female counterparts INSISTS on having things their way and would prefer everyone bow down to their versions of events and reality DOES NOT MAKE IT SO.

The joke is that I can, and do, leave this location where they seem to hold such dominion regularly and yearly.

Their reality they have created here doesnt hold as one slowly fades out of the New England/north eastern USA into the Midwest. Just as reality then changes again as one rolls into the southwest, each state line bringing a different feel, experience and a change of perception..possibly even luck.

Every traveler knows that every state or city suits each person differently but one thing is sure: there is always the another place. The next place, to try thats new or to return to either to master or enjoy the ease it brings that individual.

When are these men with their special lic plates and their many antennas and special toys and technologies going to learn that their reality is limited? It does not predominate the entire world at large, though their networks of others like them do seem to create a net over the country. Nets have holes and can be slipped through or broken.

I know from experience there are greater powers than they....or i would not be free to travel and write.

They and their suporters in the public, usually men like them in working class jobs or the professions, can gather together and push all they like for me or anyone else to behave as THEY would wish us to. It doesn't mean its going to happen. Their mobbing in this aspect is a psychological one, even psychic. They desire to form a reality for others though sheer force and numbers and aggression-a usual male approach to problem solving.

What pisses them off the most is that i am, in my responses and my lifestyle, predominantly female. As well as an artist. Two things they dont seem to allow in their realm of reality.

I am the very thing all males fear representing a return to a matriarchal society.

And thats too bad. Becuz they can war, built, circumcise, dominate and alter the environment all they want-there will always be choice females born into the world, their world, that are not designed to function solely as their counterparts. Their shadows, their little partners in crime.  Their women serve as their tormeters, supporters and frankly their total suckers as far as i can see.

Some of us simply dont come under their dominion or authority. And their arrogance is just one more reason to make it this way. Becuz anyone, with any sense can plainly see they KNOW they are wrong-so why would you follow them????

So they have to manage perceptions and their own sanity by shunning irregularities or labeling people insane when in reality, they are simply corrupt.

All the criminally insane plotting and decieving backed by testosterone driven male aggression in this world DOES NOT MAKE THEM RIGHT. It does not render them correct nor truthful.

The plain and simple fact is that they lost and like all small boys are predisposed to sore-loser tantrums-which is all they ever appear to me to be up to.

They lie. They are wrong.

And that is how it will stand until the day I die or they do so also. It cannot be changed or altered.

And the public who support them in their views and endeavours...hahaha. Hmph.

I never did have much respect for the peasants if you will. The proles as they are referred to in 1984.

The sell outs. And that includes people of all social stratas and economic backrounds-all lowly scum.

Becuz they choose to go along with such corruption for their own gain and self satisfaction. Then they believe in might-makes-right.

Typical animals so why respect them as human?

The level of corruption I am referring to is on a global scale in this era and it includes all the various fallout from globalization. No longer are their actions simply local antics to get drugs, sex or skim off the top.

This system now demands that everyone who wants to.protect their criminal interests, even become a successful business take part in INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC WAR CRIMES.

So why should ANYONE, especially their victims, care what they think or respond to their mobbing or bullying?

These people are the types to change to and roll with whatever is IN or trendy or whatever the new way of doing things is to accomplish what they consider 'survival'. It never occurs to them at a certain point that perhaps its time to reconsider their priorites in the face of the changing environment or the alterations to the system they live under.

See? ANIMALS. Only animals behave this way. And since mass mind control is now in use fully, only the dumbest animals are going to respond to it and be ruled so easily that they cannot even define their own convictions and live under their own Will.

This is the difference between who survives genuinely as a human being now and who is taken as a mere animal under this new system.

There are those with full knowledge of their actions to be greedy and do harm but they act of their own Will. They might be far less dangerous than the proles they utilize to realize their goals.

And lest not forget that our little police men are merely dogs on leashes for those in power.

I would rather be begging on the street where they stepped behind me to perform their male trust/bond ritual of a handshake than to get into that shitty beat up blue car with all those antennas and take part in the oil scam by using gas or experience that much electromagnetic pollution from those antennas.

Or be as ridiculous as the monkeys driving them.

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  1. You said you are what "all males" fear. We're not "all" bad, you know?