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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, August 17, 2012

Citizen Spies Are Logical Result Of People No Longer Feeling In Charge Of Their Environment

They r given tech to spy by a waste contractor??  Its unbelievable that this isnt in a court room by now.

You wonder whats wrong with people nowadays. How can they just give in like this, right?

Look no further than those cell towers and chemtrails. Thats the main system of altering and controlling people's behavior.

Add in the details like Psycho-Pharma and all the rest of it. Especially terrorism from outside forces as well as uncontrollable domestic terrorism like destroying cultures and neighborhoods with negative influences from radical Muslim and African immigrants or the most negative expressions of African American ghetto culture. (Poor Europeans get free educations so that wouldn't work over there thus the need to import destructive cultures and people desperate enough to do anything to get theirs.)

When people dont feel they have control over their environment any longer or even their own lives its easier to get them to become obessive control freaks so they can gain a sense of control at least over their immediate environment.

Dont be too threatened. These people are all brainwashed as well as wasting their time spying on petty bs instead of living life...which has been discouraged in our recent culture if you notice. People just rot on their phones or computers now, stay in their homes with video games or similar. They are certainly being discouraged from free asociation via political correctness as well.

If everything is controlled in the citizen's environment then so are the citizens.

People dont make sense anymore. Their moral judgements are coming from a whole new perspective than 30 or so years ago, but they, being the herd, are just as uptight and bigoted as 50 years ago. Only now certain demographics are fully accepted. But those that arent will be treated the same as a black in a Texas sundown town once was.

Just becuz the demographics have been shifted around doesnt mean that the public arent bigoted. Only the kinds of people they hate and disapprove of have changed and some havent changed at all but gotten MORE intolerant and ignorant.

America will never change nor grow up. It will always be puritanical and bigoted and need scapegoats. America is based on theivery and genocide remember. In order to keep that karma if u will from manifesting you have to keep tweeking things so that payday never comes.

It sounds like this article is British. Since when ISNT Britian oppressive??

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