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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

America Is A Sick Country and Its Impossible To Flourish

America is a sick country.   They dont care about what happens to the rest of the world  as long as they have a high quality of life...or what they percieve as such.

I genuinely need to leave by the next election. I am tired of fightng an antire country of people basically.

Much of the US actually believes its good for  the country that I b persecuted.

Im sick of being shamed and humiliated.

America will do anything to silemce its victms especially of war crimes.

Its time to leave a place i no longer recognize a place I never felt a citizen of to begin with.

I dont want to spend the rest of my life being kept down by a constant mob.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. "Syndicates". She's making cowardly little shit perps sound like hardcore criminals or something. Fact is, these shits are hiding, plain and simple. If they wanted respect from you, then why doesn't someone from this criminal syndicate come face to face with you and tell you what their problem is? It's just a classless, lowlife bunch of connected snitches under some kind of direction to come and attack you. They ain't hardcore. And some piece of advice: don't ever think some criminal is hardcore just because they're connected to gangstalking. The whole entire system, from top to bottom, from the men directing it, to the designers, are weak little shits with some major Napolean complex.

That is all. I'm tired of these cowards myself. Of course, they make themselves seem so tough the way they throw around words like "syndicate". Pack of Weasals or Rats (complete with Napolean complexes of course) is all they are. Low class trash from all levels of society have to stick together and defend the other members just so they can have leverage with society to accept their sick sick sick minds and souls. Look at how many dedicated snitches, rats, and assholes it took just to get you to this point. And you still aren't finished yet. It takes a lot of guts, balls, and brains to even have a chance as a TI.

We TI's are beyond compare. You will never see the day when any of these Napolean wannabe loudmouths will ever be one tenth as good as you or any TI's. And that will never change.

Anonymous said...

I feel much better now. The system pushes their own system of values to replace the traditional, much more morally-grounded set of values (real values). The system and its members have to have a chorus of people constantly humiliating us and putting us down so their cult members can elevate themselves above us. And they leave no room for the TI to negotiate, because the system is so ubiquitous and overbearing. And that's when they push to have us accept their "values" and hence, the traditional way of actually HAVING some qualities worhwhile or a solid moral constitution gets pushed out in favor of what the mob/cult/system prefers. That way, they can rule over far superior people than themselves. You can see it the way they laugh at us when we walk by. It's well documented that superior people with a solid base never do that. And one reason is because we are high up, so we tend to want to help others. What they (and the system does) is just outright bullying. So that way, with their huge numbers, they can all say what they want, to make us look tiny and them all big and mighty (which they certainly are not). It's a self-brainwash on the part of the system/mob/cult to validate their false reality and false sense of superiority.

It's really a Junk Culture.

Anonymous said...

I tried to get information from some of them, but they weren't budging. I definitely got the guilty look, and sometimes the hanging of the head, but they protect this secret, e.g. what they know about my situation, as though it were a coveted prize. These people will take their whatever little knowledge they have to their grave. It's like they belong to a Feel Good club, and they aren't about to let anybody they "don't like" into their club. And of course, they say "don't like", but I know it's 100% jealousy, nothing more, nothing less.

Instead of getting info, I get handled and harassed into giving up. I'm going to have to try a little harder. The perps have it way to easy, and it's time to lower the boom on their asses.

There has to be a myriad of reasons why they won't give up info. I'm getting a read that they have been threatened with their lives if they don't comply and keep it all a secret. Don't want the informants/rats/snitches losing their lives, now do we? LOL!

I'm not sure how true that is, that they are willingly going along with this. Probably the sheeple at large are doing it, but those perps who get close to us and betray us, those are the ones who enjoy all kinds of benefits and privileges, yet live in fear of losing their lives. LOL!

The main way they keep me down is by sucking all the opportunities from me and giving it to the compliant and willing. That's devastating. They aren't willing to give up any bit of info about their special little Feel Good Club. And I can recall back in 2000, where both GS perps and the cops would show up, and they'd be in on the harassment, like very nasty and overt. TI's put up with so many years of these goofy idiots. Some targets have been hounded and harassed overtly for decades.

Anonymous said...

I guess it was the system. They like to do all kinds of stuff to targets' minds to make them think Bill Gates or someone prominent is doing it to them. It's a classic staple in their bag o' tricks.