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Monday, August 27, 2012

What I Have Established So Far About My Case

Heres what I now know about my situation.

From what I can ascertain from over the years of experience and what I knew before the harassment campaign became intensified, my mother's brother not of Italian descent worked for a local mafia connected criminal in various capacities. Ive seen a photo of this man with my uncle and he looks Italian certainly.

My father's family, specifically my paternal grandmother has claimed that one of their family members worked for the secret service and did work for a Kennedy. My mother has said that her ex mother in law made a claim the family was mafia connected.

My mother has spoken more than once about a sybdicate of some kind. I dont know if this is Italian or if it was connected to her employers at a former bar she worked at where Jewish organized crime was present, even though she herself is neither Jew nor Italian.

My former associates of ten years were connected to a Chinese organized crime figure. A local one. I also experienced people she dealt with to consist of some powerful people locally in business, organized crime, old money and politics.

Most compelling is my mother's activism concerning being a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra.  Her parents were both US Marines and it seems there was documentation of her being given radium and radiation treatments to shrink her tonsils as an infant as part of the radiation experimentation program at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland USA in the 1950s.

She claimed she gave up pursuing this matter becuz she was followed and did not eleborate any further.

Given her association with organized crime, her family history of military culture and severe abuse from her father and brother its not far fetched that she is one experimentee that could be very easily intimidated out of testifying at the President's Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments in the early 90s.

The testimonies of survivors of experimetation who also claim other mind control projects were in existence as well as some subjects being crossed over to be used in both radiation and mind control WAS STRICKEN FROM THE OFFICIAL RECORDS supposedly even though these are documented on video and available on the internet.

Its also documented that the head of the CIA at the time  of the 70s investigations into MK Uktra ,Richard Helms, HAD RECORDS AND DOCUMENTS DESTROYED so that theres no way to tell what the true scope of the experimentation was. Therefore the projects and experiments claimed to be experienced by the subjects whos testimonies were stricken from the record could represent that which was documented but destroyed by Helms and associates.

The CIA also has a history of experimenting on vulnerable populations in society such as prostitutes, prisoners and other kinds of people that would be considered people of bad character and not effective witnesses but also considered expendable by society.

Whats most compelling is how the testimonies that were stricken from the records are very similar to the claims of survivors of abuse of the Boystown sex ring scandal as well as the Finders.

All these people including many others nationally speak of a system that uses programming and ritual abuse to create sex slaves, spies, drug mules even assasins to serve what appears to be a power structure internationally consisting of very powerful people in politics and their associates in organized crime. There is also the presence of what appears to be international networks that are connected to the ritual abuse that are satanic in nature.

Through targeting Survivors all victim witnesses can be discredited and the public believe they are merely schizophrenics.

This is due to the nature of 'gang stalking' which can make any Targeted Individial appear mentally ill but be aware that TIs do experience very real psy ops and these are perpetrated by various parts of the community including all first responders as well as what appears to be normal civilian citizens, in other words:people one is supposed to be able to trust in a civilized Democratic society that claims to have human and civil rights for its citizens.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the first section of your future book should be a sitdown, recorded interview with your mom getting the story in her own words. Also, kinda strange, I heard that when MKULTRA had its cover blown the Rockefellers were in charge of the investigation. I'm sure that investigation was totally unbiased (sarcasm).