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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, August 13, 2012

City Manager Documents GS Campaign/Operation Led By Local PD

This is how cops can cooperate with organized crime, corrupt unions and the public who are in with them as well as serve the rich who support them and of course the military industrial complex and anyone else they survive off of, and the public never knows about it much less suspects a thing.

They have thier own private culture and rules. They basically help the run entire cities and towns as well as countries along with whatever a fore mentioned parties exist.

Yet, there is a culture within this corrupt one that will counter some parts of a campaign if the powers feel something is very unfair.

However, it is always the case that the public dont know whats really going on especially nowadays its unpopular to point out corruption due to the military and police being perceived as protectors against terrorism. That may be so but it doesnt mean they aren't still up to thier old ways still. That hasnt gone away just becuz terrorism is considered an ever present threat.

The public doesnt realize that these powers are well aware of what exists now in the 21st century yet create a reality for the public that let them believe they are still living in the 20th century. This gives them ultimate control over society.

And too many people are big wimpy babies about wanting to accept these technologies exist. They say its like learning about the end of the world. Thats bullsh*t. Many people would rather sell out thier own freedom and be slaves instead of do something about such issues like demand accountability or demand validation of such technologies and operations existing so that laws limiting thier use can be implemented.

How many people honestly believe that our quality of life is due to hard working Americans? No one ever counts the black market economy in this country I notice when doing the accounts nor do they account for black budgets of military becuz its hidden.

There is no way with how much money this country and its people generate that there should be any poor people, homeless, etc or hardships.

The powers that be tax you and then mess with your money to support black market economy type operations like drugs etc. And its something I notice isnt acknowledged openly though its glaringly obvious.

So at each turn, the criminals and thier buddies who are either brainwashed into believing they protect and serve or are full of sh*t while doing so, have to protect this grand deception. This includes even the smallest leak (like myself) that could lead to bigger discoveries about the truth of how this nation truly operates.

It wouldnt be so offensive and outrageous if these operations werent connected to classified/black projects such as totally unethical human experimentation etc. In my situation basically the actions of locals helped get me to leave town so I was traveling through the southwest ( unexperienced as a traveler and alone) so that MK Ultra and programming experimentation could continue. And it was all done under the cover story of a local federal investigation. Do you realize how many local people were in on harassing me and advising me to leave town? THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. THEY KNOW THEY ARE HANDING PEOPLE OVER TO THESE BLACK PROJECTS.

They think the cover stories can fool the public as well as even the TI's (with enough brainwashing and traumatization over time). The truth is is that the common people who seem to be acting on the cover stories probably know damn well what the real deal is. ESPECIALLY professionals like cops, medical people, etc.

So take your all American sentiments and your delusions about American life and throw them in the trash. Unless you are comfortable being a slave. Then I guess you are the enemy of everyone of us who refuses to be one.

It wouldnt have been so bad like in my situation if they didnt go so outrageously far by doing things like trying to kill me, outright experimentation on Greyhound buses and trying to do what basically amounts to psychosurgery and behavior modification on me. Which of course they are doing on the public anyway via use of tech, chemicals, propaganda and psy ops....and terrorizing the public under the guise of anti terror.

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