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Monday, August 13, 2012

Why TIs Should Refrain From Media Post 24/7 Campaign

"On a theory (while back) you had about staying in present time and not watching anything pre-recorded. My opinion on this subject is that with modern high speed television connections inserts of harrassment can easily be put into a live broadcast while knowing what channel the target is watching at the very moment, and issue harrassment. If the show is a pre recorded script, and no prior knowledge that you would have been watching, their deeds can be inserted in specific ads meant for the target. If the show is known to be watched by the target, then they can have the harrasment just part of the show pre recorded, or live. If live, actors possibly get a signal to do, or say things, when they get the cue. Just a theory, but with tech these ways may be much easier to customize. My theory is that pre recorded material on specific media (dvd,cd,vcr) puts a target more out of range.
By Mike on Soufan book adds to charges cia kept 911 terrorist... at 11:37 AM"

No I said that I had a plan before being heavily targeted that I wanted to live an experiment I had in mind where I experienced life first hand and in 'real time' without any pre recorded light and sound images. What I deemed 'dead time'. Past moments that are simply re animated through playing the recorded time frames. It really does resemble a part of necromancy-reanimating something thats dead.

We dont see how much of what we live with today is actually magickal in nature. Which is why the mind control is so strong now on the public. People are being taught that magick, myths etc never existed. In the 70s it was normal in school to be exposed to a bit of occult like telling kids about having a sixth sense etc. It was still early post 60s remember. But as the 80s came in and things like psychiatry were pushed as social control and tech become part of our lives around the 90s people are now taught that magick never existed. That everything can be explained away with science, fact etc.

However, this is not the case BECAUSE THE POWERS THAT BE MAKE SURE THAT THE GENERAL PUBLIC DO NOT GET ALL THE FACTS. Interestingly decades ago, parapsychology was almost legit. It was at least considered and there were serious scientists into this field. Well, how can this be if psychiatry now stricly enforces on society that if a person believes they have magical powers or can read minds they have a mental disorder or are delusion??

Thats becuz in order for the power structure to use modern day 'magick' or technomancy if you will on the public for social control, as well as cover for black and classified projects, they have to deny such thing exist. Many Targets especially Survivors of mind control projects have encountered psychiatrists outright covering up for such projects by assisting in framing up Targets or misleading us. So first hand many people experience psychiatrists performing this function for the shadow governing body to begin with. It stands to reason that thier denial generally of human potential (which is acknowledged in all primitive cultures) for 'magick' or psychic ability-individually or en masse, is part of a deception.

A friend of mine today who is younger is at that stage of still trying to pontificate on why society would be so much better if... If atheism were put forth instead of religion. That only religion causes humans to faulter.

I told him that without religion humans would not reflect on their own nature such as what is positive or negative and it would actually be easier for a Satanic system such as ours to rule thier lives. Also that a world where everything was based on fact isnt the answer becuz as we have seen lately, the facts and truths are withehld or the deception is so smooth with propaganda, info manipulation, psy ops etc that the information to make decisions is tweeked to begin with.

He listened but he isnt there yet which is fine.

Its ironic that 'magick' via artful deception and technomancy as well as possbily true magickal activity in some cases is being used on the public to control them yet these authorities in our lives in this country that have replaced religiuos bodies, deny the existence of magick or human potenital for magickal ability.

Becuz they want all the power, thats why. Its that simple. This entire era is all about the great getting the public back under control. A new Dark Age if you will.

So going without the technomancer's 'magick' was to truly experience how much of it a modern human being was capable of. What life would be like in the truly real world.

What my suggestion for Targets is, is a bit different. Specifically Survivors who are now targeted, (a process very similiar to the show Burn Notice which of course came out after many Survivors and second generation experimentees had been targeted heavily during Bush) should NOT watch any new movies or other media until you can truly get a grip on whats happening in the GS campaign. They will try to tear your mind apart and use such mediums for heavy brainwashing and psy ops. And there are alot of a-holes who either need out of trouble or want opportunies that will be more than willing to help destroy someone they percieve as a stranger to get what THEY want. You are now fighting not only live in person perps, but greedy self centered jerks in the media industry, some of the worst sociopaths on the planet in a cut throat industry that will do anything to anyone to get thier way or help thier school, business family etc.

I suggest only watching things that came out BEFORE you were abducted into a 24/7 campaign.

This information from my experience has also been spoken about by Cathy Obrien, I believe her man Mark Phillips had it in one of his speeches. I dont trust them fully but I do believe alot of thier information is good becuz it matches up with most Survivors experience.

Think about the kinds of people who would sell thier kid out to such a system to be programmed to begin with or who use programmed people for thier own ends. Why would such people NOT be ruthless and viscous in trying to destroy a Survivor? The problem is many Survivors while still under the control of internal programming are coddled and protected and allowed to get away with alot especially if they are working for any part of the businesses that are corrupt. This is why so many official authority figures are sent to attack the TI through constant harassment and we are set up to get into trouble or accused of stuff we didnt do like stealing in a store etc. Becuz they are trying to not only cut us off from the industries that we were once part of they are also trying to break us down into smaller, controllable people. Scared, normal average people with no sense of priveledge.

Much of this is done through making it appear the TI deserves to be humbled or made average but really its done so that the TI forgets who they are, what they know and that they had and still have alot of power, through former connections and as human beings.

A GS campaign is simply done becuz the Survivor breaks programming and refuses to work for the system that creates such people. This way you are silenced and removed from all the people you used to know. The only thing that is so mind blowing is the sheer size of the operation and the fact that so many people in this country who act as if they are not part of anything corrupt are in on GS campaigns.

Its obvious to many Targets that the country is now totally infiltrated and controlled by the military and intelligence agencies or those loyal to them. Its complete and total. Only those of us who have experienced a GS campaign can attest to how many people are that corrupt and its amazing how prevelant it is across the entire USA. Probably this was set into place BEFORE the system let loose and went 24/7 on Targets.

So one was an experiement to try to free oneself from the deception that is the modern tech and media deception. However, once one is targeted, if you live through it, you pretty much know what the whole deception is about anyway. And for those of us who have to live on the road, we dont get alot of TV time anyway. But its good to know enough to watch out for movies, tv commercials etc.

What Mike talks about I have only experienced on Internet Radio shows and I HAVE experienced them knowing the TI was listening in real time.


Anonymous said...

So you think some TI's are Firestarters or Carries? I have my doubts but I do admit from my own experiences that I've witnessed things that sometimes seem supernatural. Strange weather events and things that many might associate with psychic abilities. Thing is I've also seen street magic that looked an awful lot like mind reading. If our "friends" were using a combination of established stage magic, tech, and psychology, I don't think it would be too hard to convince an average mind of supernatural things.

And I can also see where convincing a Target that he has some "special" ability might be of some interest to those pulling the strings.

Anonymous said...

I totally concur with what you mentioned about inserts in TV programs. Inserting the words used by TIs.