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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Harassment in Armpit Known As Weymoth

Weymouth. Harassment waitimg for bus. Near Hingham. Its a middle css toqn with lots of Italians and unfortuna fortunately, even uniformed cops were in on this one.

One in a marked car one in an unmarked pickup truck.

They arent too swift beciz the last time and this time the harassment group only gives a little action on the way in but always slams us on the way back home the same way. More greedy stupid arrogant townspeople...who can all go fuk themselvws becjz I need to go to the szme store agzin soon. And I will do as I please when I please. Typical poor afmpit toqn at nweeds money.


Anonymous said...

Townspeople are the worst.

Anonymous said...

You should take a deep breath because your spelling is really getting out of control girl. Have you thought of wearing an orgone pendant - supposedly wards off demonic entities/aliens/etc - maybe it will work on the pigs too.

Anonymous said...

The implication is that targets aren't allowed to go to certain locations. Sometimes, these disallowed locations change from time to time dynamically. This is evidence of a controlling shadow cabal in action. Or it could be an example of an abusive entity controlling its victims. But that's what the NWO is about: having an authority ruling over victims instead of regular citizens. In the future, everyone will be a victim instead of a citizen. Or will they keep it like it is now, having victims, and leaving citizens alone who do their bidding and harass/control the victims as they instruct them to do?

And how do we get to this shadow entity, and stop it? I have gotten info slipped that it's really a secret program, and some have told me that it's a multi-part faction, where each part depends on the others. This could be an actual internal government program that is an experimental pilot that will lead to another government, the official NWO.