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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Video Game Systems Monitored?

It already feels like there is a way for a system to be monitored the same way TIs can 'sense' a presence monitoring computers and surveillance cameras.

I was in a room with a gamer playing Mass Effect 3 and upon my being interested in a certain side character conversation, asking the gamer to make certain choices for a female ai character who recently went into a human female looking body.

The choices i made seemed to amuse a seemingly male presence somewhere monitoring the game. I distinctly got an impression of this response. It could have been the  same presence that many Targets feel monitor us personally and have for years now.  It did feel as if it was from something connected to the gaming system.

I was trying to see if the female robot could outright acknowledge that the crewmembers were now attentive to her due to her new body having huge breasts etc.

The characters could only skirt around this issue and I got a distinct impression some presence 'out there' was amused by this. As the gamer on this system usually plays straight through and is serious about gaming.

Also remember I havent been around a vid game system since 2004. Alot of things have changed. It seems more advanced, more interactive, complex, connected to internet and actually focused on more than just first person shooter. Thankfully being 41 I still can always see through graphics and structure and percieve that this is just code-just a game. When we were just early teens they taught how to write programs from their beginnings in school. What frightens me is that this gamer is only 19. He says hes been playing since he was two..since his hands were strong enough to pick up a paddle. Uh, this is NOT a good thing for the world.


Anonymous said...

A lot of games have a War or battle theme with real casualties, like the Modern Warfare series. Such games seem to have psy-ops aimed at targets. That would be logical, though, to control targets through video games and get to them via that medium.

I have told some people that I am concerned about the nature of these games, because there is a hunting/killing of human soldiers theme in a lot of the games that have been released in the past 5 years or more. They told me that it's just a game, despite being very realistic and violent. To be honest, it seems like the games may be serve as conditioning to get the citizens in a war "mode" of thinking. A lot of people will tell you oh but people can always tell the difference between "game war" and "real world" warfare. But the subconscious mind may become programmed over time with exposure to such games. The desired effect may be that they want people to be accustomed to going to war. There is a controlling bunch that are like the software designers who program these games. There may be real-world equivalents of these programmers, who program the Real games.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes get questioned by people who are involved with the system at some level about the lone shooting incidents that occur. Usually they are very tragic. The questioning usually involves guilting me, or it seems like it. The guilting involves making me feel like somehow I fit the profile of the lone shooter in question, followed by "he should have shot himself". I can see where the conversation was going, and it always makes me feel uncomfortable. I can see how the system put these people up to the questioning, as it also seems like the system was the one ultimately pushing and manipulating the shooter in the first place. And of course, the person indebted with the system which caused the shooting will try to induce guilt over the tragic fatal incident by suggesting that I am the type of person the shooter was.

They want us to feel a massive guilt complex over being a target. They know that we know the system is behind a lot of shootings where sadly innocent people lose their lives. And then to suggest that we are the types who would do this and then add even more insult to injury by adding that the person in question needs to shoot themselves instead of others. I don't see the reason why targets need to commit suicide. They system and their operatives and everyone else working for them are the ones to blame, ultimately, and they are all showing their arrogance by suggesting the target is a killer and should commit suicide.

I know it's just a game to mess with the target's head, but it also seems very arrogant to me. Why should we feel guilty for something we are not a party to?

Anonymous said...

Part of the carefully crafted plan is to shift the focus away from the individual, and towards belonging to the group. Well, that may not be the end objective, but by getting people into the mindset of fitting in and belonging to the group, the group is obviously easier to control. A lot of this is carefully, painstakingly, subliminally done. You'll see this in commercials, etc., where competing with yourself in order to become the best individual is downplayed. Instead, fitting in with the group, along with deception, is utilized. Like, images of scenes suggesting the group, and everyone in it is all glamorous and perfect looking. And of course, ousting targets is one way of preserving this deceptive image of theirs that the group is all-superior to the outcast or individual. It's either outcast or individual that gets highlighted, and then castigated with negative imagery.

All lies, of course. The group is easier to control than a strong individual. And of course, everyone is buying into this.

With the NWO, there is a lot of "herding" going on, and this is one part of their multi-step plan for world domination. And the members of the group don't even realize that while they're feeling superior to the outcast or target, they really have been herded by a superior designer who is merely controlling their lives. And then they laugh at targets?! LOL!!! Super funny. They are the ones being enslaved and controlled. The targets can see through the deception, a lot of them anyways. Ergo they are the ones who are free and superior.

I guess they are too busy feasting on the scraps thrown at them by the controllers to really care about who really is free and who really is enslaved.

Remember back in the late 70's, to early 80's, there was a big push on individuals, and just being the best person one can be. In the late 60's, there was the emphasis on being with the group, but at least it was a love one another, positive thing, which had healing properties. Now, the trend towards groupthink consists of being as spiteful and just proving the group members are better than the individual, and there is nastiness, not love and peace like the late 60's. And, of course, spying, and having intel on everyone you wish to become "better" than. It's more like, I've gotta spy on my brother, than love one another. I've gotta find out what he likes and doesn't like, and what his fears are, so I can laugh at him and control him, thus becoming better than he (at least in my mind). That again is part of the big lie. It wasn't so long ago that this big movement on exposing bullying was out, that people who act like what TI's know as perps and gangstalkers do was a sign of weakness. We thought we had the bullying thing licked. But then came the big GROUP. Now, they can combine bullying with BRUTE FORCE/sheer numbers to achieve dominance over the individual. And there is a huge number, so nobody can challenge them without being run over with their large convoy of like-minded group members. So they've effectively brainwashed themselves into thinking they're right and the individual is wrong. And they don't see to care even if they are wrong, because hey, there are thousands of others who feel the same way they do.

But no matter how big the numbers are, they can still be WRONG! And the individual, outcast, target, victim whatever you want to call him is still right. That one sliver of the population can still be RIGHT and the huge numbers of "THEM" can be WRONG. It's a form of self-deception and self-programming by the GROUP. And what's worse, they are still being herded, just like the powers desired. So we as targets are RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

As a target, the anger level that swells up is just incredible. Can you imagine there being a large presence of operatives (stalkers) working on the web to harass targets? The most aggrevating part of this is the fact that they are hiding behind a computer, and I can't get to them.

And there are loads of perps posting things on YOutube, and they'll do things like mirror what I'm doing etc. Basically, there are numerous channels out there whose only purpose is to post perp skits to get at a certain target or targets masquerading as entertainment. And if they are legit entertainment, who knows... but it can't be everyone that posts videos that is incorporating psy-ops geared at a certain target. That doesn't make much sense. A lot of channels have some dubious content that seems to exist only to harass and aggravate targets.

And the part that sucks about all of this is that this is evidence that they don't exist as their own entities, but yet they only seem to exist to leech off of targets' stories, and pawn them off as their own (lame) material.

I'd love to see how many truly independent people there are out there that aren't "in on" the harassment of targets. Except for the few unaware, almost everyone posting stuff on youtube seems to be in on psy-opping the target.