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Friday, July 6, 2012

Survivor's Testimonies From PACOHRE Were Never Revealed To The Public Or Made Official

"In 1995, the President's Committee on Radiation was hearing complaints in Washington D.C. about hazardous exposure at sites and plants around the country. The testimony mostly focused on the damaging effects of that exposure to radiation. However, on March 15, 1995 , the testimony of New Orleans therapist Valerie Wolf and two of her patients dropped a bombshell in the proceedings that was never covered by the mainstream press. Wolf and her patients stated that they had been part of an "extensive CIA brainwashing program as young children (in one case, starting at age seven). Their brainwashing included torture, rape, electroshock, powerful drugs, hypnosis and death threats." (15) According to their testimony, the CIA then induced amnesia to prevent their recalling anything that really happened.

Personal eyewitness accounts exist regarding the use of children and women in such secret programs. Any allegations of organized, high level sexual abuse are likely to end up getting you or your character assassinated. This makes any such revelation extremely rare and hence, worth looking into. The next segment is a summary of what is perhaps the most incredible tale of such an organized program created by American and Post WWII German scientists from Operation Paperclip; it is called Project Monarch."

This explains why they are not afraid of consequences no matter what we say or do.

They kept our comments and activism stricken from the records in NYC when we attended the Bioethics Commission.

I didnt realize they didnt include what was on the YouTube videos of Survivor testimonies in the official records or at least kept it out of the media.

Its amazing how effective their discreditation campaigns work and how the public go along with all this accordingly.

This explains why so many people are in on this but behave like its nothing and no ones ever going to get caught or believe the truth.

Are they actually happy living under the tyranny of this elite group's actions.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if gangstalkers know about how we get terrorized via tech and covert warfare in general. If they are working off if a slander campaign, then it's likely they just think we are getting our just deserts and don't know about the other stuff.

I've been hurt and been through what feels like a war, and I am a veteran who still has to fight through a war while the scars are still healing. If they are laughing at me based on this, then I am pretty hurt. But it seems more like a hive mentality thing than anything else. You know, everyone else is doing it and nobody is getting in trouble, then therefore they think they should be doing it too. I wonder if they know about the battle scars and the wounds that are healing that are being reopened time and time again? And do they know they are helping re-injure the soldier, not helping to destroy a dangerous or rotten person?

It's hard to tell, because I never get to talk to them and ask them what they know. Most of them just seem like sheeple types, you know, the types that engage in community watch. What do they even know?

Anonymous said...

what other social networks are you on? how can anyone help you get your book finished? can you post instructions to accomplish this, please?

Anonymous said...

so are you still in boston area? if I come looking for you will i be able to find you?

Anonymous said...

I'm listening. :)