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Friday, July 6, 2012

It Makes Sense Now-The TI Is Followed And A Reality Is Created Around Them Constantly

Holy sh*t...i am over in my unit area of the storage warehouse (Castle Storage in South Boston)..its dead quiet. I am not getting interfaced, bothered, made to self talk or sing or feel like acting crazy.

I dont feel cloudy minded, insecure, anxiety ridden.

And i am not getting any ideations or hearing any phrases or having intrusive thoughts or ptsd memories nor flashes of selective memory or nor am i being given instructuons or ideas or any  kind of behavior modification whicb was the worst part of comong into this storage space.


I suspected that this is why our society wants everything documented signed up for and accounted for especially by computer nowadays. SO TARGETED PERSONS CAN BE FOLLOWED, MONITORED, TARGETED AND THEIR ROUTINES AND ROUTES/ACTIVITIES MORE EASILY PREDICTED.

It helps them to create those parameters I posted about last month.

Still there is no excuse for how many citizens are in on these covert activities. Thats what is  still so unbelievable.

People seem to know about a citizen being targeted. Unless those people arent randomly showing up but are sent to be there purposely when the Target is in a certain area.

I posted that review of the movie Conspiracy Theory a few nights ago.

The author thought that the system would have  to  monitor EVERY book sale to target someone. Untrue and illogical:JUST THE BOOK SALES TO TARGETED INDIVIDUALS. Which could be monitored with bank card tagging or monitoring as well as chips in cash bills or just reporting on the TI per regular monitoring of their activities.

This is probably why social security went to bank cards. I imagine many Targets are forced to take assistance.

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Anonymous said...

Those cash registers, too, at many places are networked into banks and a central location. Like when you get your credit card swiped, the info gets sent to the bank or somewhere else. But last night, I paid with one of those prepaid cards, and I still got swarmed afterwards. I suppose prepaid cards have a unique id number, and the gangstalking system probably has this id number associated with a particular target after the first purchase. So when this card gets swiped, it still triggers the gangstalking, despite the card being "anonymous" and disposable.

I've always wondered why when I go to a particular place to eat, sometimes a particular person shows up, and I know this person could not have seen me from his vantage point. So it must be the credit card swiping, triggering the gangstalking, which in turn is notifying the particular individual who is "in on it". And he shows up so very regularly, like no matter what time I go in there, if I vary my routines, he still shows up after I pay for my meal via credit card. I never figured it was the card doing the triggering.

Anonymous said...

Am curious as to wether or not you hear the high pitched buzzing's that other have been complaining of, SHF=Super High Frequencies and the oscillations?