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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Buffalo NY Documentation of War Crime/How This System Works In Present Society

I want to post something while I am not targeted while I can think and act freely on this holiday where it seems the mind control and harassment are pretty much non existent.

I was in NY state, Buffalo NY some time ago. Say 2007 or 2008 I have to look it up. Buffalo was very active in gang stalking. Constant and very nasty. African American perps saturated the place- bus drivers, gang member looking guys in red t shirts in convenience stores etc etc.

The local welfare office was in on it, heavily. A male worker there even turned to me at the window you go to get served by them and said to my face "Rachael, why dont you go home to your grandmother's house?" (F*ck you by the way. Maybe I will visit YOUR frickin grandmother, c*ck s*cker. You think this is a frickin joke or somethin'? Piece of sh*t. I never forget a face, you assh*le. Maybe I should travel through Buffalo just to f*ck with thier heads as payback. I could really screw up some perps who messed with me. Unless of course these losers were plants and have been moved onto the next location. As I was told thats how it works by that punk in AZ who thought I was so beat down they could get me to join them. Hmph. )

If I go to my grandmother's house its going to be with a lawyer to sue the shit out of my mother, her mother, my family etc or to do a death by cop final showdown- being that I could choose between the three people closest to me to kill before I check out. Which of course I wont do becuz I want revenge by telling the whole world what everyone involved did to me instead of just one petty motherf*cker. Didnt know who you were dealing with did you. Good, that what programming and compartmentalization are for dumbasses. Nice front alter I had too. She looked reeeaaall stupid. Love it. All the while taping mentally every conversation, every detail of how this all works.
I cant wait to destroy you any way I can.

Anyway, aside from my lovely vendetta's against UNPROFESSIONAL untrained field agents, who made it personal when I SHOULD HAVE BEEN JUST BUSINESS and now have vendetta from me to settle (YOUR arrogance is at fault. YOU deserve everything you are going to get. What idiot hires these average nobodies to do intelligence work? Bush is such an asshole. He knew this would be such a slap in the face to everyone who got targeted. Probably gets off on it. If you are kissing a gay male military prostitute with White House access as a fake reporter on the head publicly who is into sadism etc, you got issues boy.)....

...so I was in this welfare office where the lady seeing me was in on it and so was that f*cktard at the walk up window (as you can tell). I was stringing them along with agreeing to take a free hotel room so I could look for a place to live locally but really it was to rest and think about my next moves. Of course the motel was GS constatly with perps doing u-turns almost constantly in the parking lot, local crack heads in the rooms trying to get me to believe that it was all being done so that I didnt get into trouble with drugs (un-believeable) and the guy and his son who ran it were so obviously perps it was ridiculous. I wasnt seasoned then, I wasnt fast with my camera and I was in the phase of being totally freaked out and tired from traveling. I had just learned a back pack looks better than luggage. But the pack was too big- I needed rest. It wasnt very restful though. It was probably an experience on par with St Louis as far as torture and harassment were concerned.
As I was sitting in the welfare office waiting for something or someone- I got interfaced. I felt as if some strong force was 'hacking' into my...psychic energies if you will. I now realize this must have been my Theta programming or abilities which I wont get into here but its the ability to kill with the mind. This is one rationale they have for neutralizing a mind controlled slave, especially females who are psychic power houses. And this incident is an example of why they do this, though I dont approve of it.
Becuz basically I was 'hacked' into and I felt it was kind of group effort, what happened next. As if many people in the area were interfaced with to gain power or momentum to create psychic force.

Just as I was interfaced, moments later a man jumped to his death from a tall building, supposedly on the phone with his lawyer. The panic outside makes me think this was true and not some set up by perps to make me feel guilty about being part of a killing.

The force I was part of before he jumped- that WAS what made this man die. The timing was perfect down the the milisecond. And the feeling I got when I was hacked into was not my usual good, helpful, light nature. Nor was it even a part of my other programming that is...darker lets say. It was totally from outside forces, a hacking into the mind from somewhere outside. I cant even tell if it was a human psychic, technology or a combo of both-Ive theorized that there may be tech or chemicals beefing up weak minds or amplifying normal abilities to make them long range or more powerful.

It was a very dark, deadly and uncaring force. And it was surprising to me how collective it felt. As if I was part of a bunch of other people being hacked into or part of this psychic effort.

I have experienced this system kill many times. Its on them not me. I did nothing but sit there waiting for paperwork or a worker. I know this. But just like in actual Ritual Abuse situations, they are trying to create guilt in the individual TO BOND THEM TO THE COLLECTIVE, THE CULT.

Understand that the dangers of having 'community' watch and pushing a sense of 'community' in this era we live in can be used against people for darker purposes. There is a part of the human mind that is an unconscious killer. If you do not deal with that part of yourself, which most people dont, it can be used against u, which is what mobbing is basically.
You can be hacked into and the sense of community-the collective as well as justice via mobbing or covert activity such as community watch, can PRIME the human mind for such hacking experiences. You are primed to be receptive to community or collective actions. You are now used to your privacy being invaded, living communally on the internet, living communally in your community etc. 'Social responsibility' is another modern catch phrase that is used to prime the minds of people for brainwashing.

SOCIAL responsibility denotes taking actions to change something the collective deems in need of change or resolution. COMMUNITY watch or living communally denotes a hive mind. Living without privacy puts off any thoughts of resistance, for the greater good you are brainwashed to believe. Living online makes the human mind primed to be hacked into in the method that I just described and anyone not aware of thier conscousness wont know the difference (this is another reason it was so important to start society on getting away from taking drugs becuz often drug users gain experience of thier own minds through experimentation and young people test thier meddle through traumatic or life threatening challenges. Also getting the entire nation ONTO psych meds to replace reacreational drug use firstly avoids the questions of why we feel badly to begin with WITHOUT ANY DRUGS AT ALL as well as these drugs are not found in nature, they are strictly man made, are not a copy of the chemical composition of any substance found in nature and actually provide mind control of human beings through chemical means by taking them).

What shocked me was the overtness of it. The directness. It was so...intrusive as was everything during Bush and early Obama, but specifically Bush.

The only thing the system can do is deny my claims and say I am mentally ill etc. But believe me, I will never forget that day. And the guilt that ensued only added to the pressures put on me by this system to try to ensure I dont 'tell'.

What I want to know is how they do it. It was so surgical, so intrusive, I dare say it was tech that was used. Advanced tech but still tech. If it was a psychic warrior, we indeed have a big problem in this country. It was complete darkness. My mind was pulled into a little area of complete darkness and nothing else. And I do NOT appreciate being hacked or interfaced.

One thing about Survivors of programming is that we are used to existing in our internal worlds. What was done during Bush is horrible. Go in, destroy the internal programming, try to make the person into a dead like zombie of a human being, then simply hack into their remaining abilities for your own use whenever you feel like it.

Its disgusting. We are people dont forget not robots. But if anything that was one of the things they seemed to disregard the most. As if that was most fun for whoever was doing this during Bush. To destroy any humanity, the soul really, that exists within people.

Its easier to disbelieve me but I am telling you there is something out there, whoever they are, that have total disregard for human beings. The other worst experience that showed they dont respect humans made up of spirit and mind is when in my sleep my consciousness was actually attempted to be stuffed inside of a pair of virtual reality glasses. And this was definitely an intrusive nightmare, the kind where you can tell its coming from the outside not from within one's consciousness.

Someone, somewhere- some people or entities or whatever they are either here or on a space station or underground, wherever they reside, are screwing around with humanity to do experimentation akin to the Nazi horrors. It seems all they want is to harness a human beings powers for their purposes and to see if they can alter humans such as trying to fit conscnousness into inanimate objects. Guess what? It scared the shit out of me. One's conscnousness wasnt meant to fit into an object. Which is why we have brains and hearts and chakras to contain our 'consnousness'. These containers, sources of energy create a system that is conscnousness. This is why in our normal state it seems our minds our universes unto themselves- infinite.
This system seems to have wanted to destroy the mind in order to make 'consncouness' travel size and managable.

This is one of the reasons I keep posting GO INTO YOUR DNA. It seems they cant hack that. It seems they can only try to curb it or get you to abandon it by becoming self hating. For instance, trying to make me feel bad about being Italian looking or having such DNA and associate me with whatever Nordic and German DNA I have, does them great service I recently realized BECUZ THE ITALIANS WILL NOT TAKE TO BEING RULED KINDLY and its a tough, creative people, ones who, at heart, still feel we rule the world on some level. They also know that on some level, anyone from the ancient Classical world considers blue eyed peoples to be barbarians-even cowards and easily brainwashed.

Therefore it was important for them to try to make me obsessed with my blue eyed DNA and not the Slavic either. Also, they knew it would never really work for me as a way to victory becuz I dont look blue eyed and blond. It was a catch-22 and it worked well for a time to control me and keep me down.

Its important for them to have humans deny thier DNA-where we come from. It makes us much more manageable. This may be the reason for promoting the destruction of EuroAmerican cultures in favor of Diversity, and merging or even being ruled by other cultures, culturally. Such as the strong Judeo-Afro entertainment culture in the USA.

If mass mind control includes such horrors as I have described, even if you are being pulled in in ways that are not so extreme you are still being denied an identity, individuality, free Will and a sense of Self outside of a collective. You may be pulled into mobbing and not even realize it becuz its done civilly or covertly-even unconsciously.

Going into your DNA is not racism. Its self defense. They dont seem to be able to take away whatever strength, power and identity and 'instructions' of how to handle survival that is CODED INTO THE DNA STRANDS. This is also probably why acedemics (who fear being targeted) are claiming 'race' doesnt exist. Which is absolute nonsense. Maybe race doesnt exist but I know damn well that Italians pass on certain traits that are hella different than blacks, Germans, Nordics etc or Slavs and so on with other peoples from different pieces of land who have existed there for centuries and defined thier culture, and passed that one to thier children via DNA. If that isnt 'race' then frickin find a definition for it BUT USE IT TO DEFEND YOURSELF. Becuz discovering this is one of the only reasons I am still here and sane.

Americans and westerners think that we are smart and advanced but how much we ignore of what is subtle, unseen and in our unconscious makes us very stupid and vulnerable to manipulation. There is a reason that in the Orient one looks to one's ancestors. Its even in the old Kung Fu movies-and those battles all seemed to be about revolution, oppression but also about self discovery, spirituality.

There are so many elements of Western culture that render us limited and ignorant. And then psychiatry and socially acceptable science locks the doors completely from us seeking other answers. For those of us who refuse such limitations- the New Age movement has been created to make sure we dont find anything beyond the parameters.

Recall that one of the main high profile mind control Survivors, the one everyone in the scene keeps claiming is a CIA plant (hmmm, wonder why), she claimed that her assignment was to work in the field of the New Age movement and that this movement is basically to provide disinformation and cloak whats really out there or to confuse seekers of wisdom in thier search for truth.

The New Age movement is a perfect western answer: its easy, fast, convenient, claims to be only 'white' or harm-to-none type magic or occult and doesnt require any real sort of quest for its participants- which is of course why it leaves you feeling like you need to be seeking answers still. Which of course keeps you buying more crap from the book stores. Most of all it is so....benign that one can still function in the real world or man made reality while studying New Age material. You can pay your taxes and stay controlled by the system while feeling like you are getting around religion, psychiatry and selective science.

The truth is that whats really out here requires you to leave all of that behind and truly define what you believe in. Its lonely, people hate you, they suspect you, they believe you insane. The powers that be try to destroy you any way they can. Other seekers who have been forced out into the truth are often other homeless people, which of course also adds to how useless and depressing this all is compared to if you had a life of success within socially acceptable society.
You are forever marginalized.

Then again..you are forever empowered like no one else on this planet. You know it. And you see it when any other human being looks at you, all you need is to stare at them long enough and they cower. Grown men, powerful people-any of them. People avoid even walking near your aura. People cant be in the same room with you if it bothers them or stand near you.

I dont know what happens to us and what we are now. But this system that is corrupt and destructive to humans has left us little choice but to defend ourselves. And if encoded DNA provides that, if its one place they cant go to get you, then to strengthen who you are in this way is all the choice you have.

What they try to do basically is psychosurgery to alter a human being and if they can, to alter what is there from your DNA that you can use for strength and self defense. Its like they butcher some parts of you so you cant recieve or get into whats there in the DNA strands, and this is a very important part of behavior modification in thier program for a Target. Its almost as if they are altering a person so they have to pathways to access thier DNA codes or hoping you will forget about those pathways or lose ability to access them.

If you think about it, its VERY MUCH like how computers work or sceince works. It doesnt sound crazy at all. It sounds like what a military force would do when trying to secure its own interests becuz we all know that the military wants results, doesnt care about human life except in recorded numbers and will do ANYTHING to get the results they want. They are the most ruthless people on this planet and the romanticising of them and thier age old culture has fooled many a people throughout history.

Their job is death. They make science out of killing. They civilize the ape within-they manage the inner beast, refine its desires and needs-streamline it. This is what men do and I cant tell if its simply my gender that makes such things unfamiliar and strange to me or my nature as a human being. But do not doubt what lengths the military and the power elite will go to to get what they want.

If that includes building soldiers that are basically wiped, walking dead puppets, who are technically still living bodies-they will do it. If that includes trying to find a way to put human consciousness into robots or other inanimate objects for a future world with an uninhabitable environment for normal human animals-they WILL do it. Pain and suffering are means to an end for these forces and the people behind these war crimes.

That is why none of this is crazy. It sounds like historical accuracy. Since its happening NOW, no one wants to acknowledge it.

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