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Friday, July 13, 2012

THEY GOT THIERS Part #2- The Law Student In Oakland CA And RainBow Kids

I forgot to mention this awhile ago.

Recall back in 2009 that awful young woman in Oakland/Berkeley CA who was a law student in San Francisco. She had me and two guys from Rainbow family staying there plus her uber creepy friend named Pierre who supposedly worked as a roadie or caretaker for bands and also had been in the military or some nonsense.

This may have been bs becuz there was a period of time when when EVERYONE i dealt with claimed to either be molested or formerly in the military. Its a tactic of control over the TI. One which I got hip to after traveling, being around fairly HONEST real hard working Americans like truckers and getting out of thier grip.

This 20 year old from Florida named Austin as well as a kid named Monkey both from a Rainbow kitchen I became associated with from this kid named Polar Bear also from Florida and who also knew too much about my situation. All drug connected. I was told years later that the men who are part of this Rainbow Family kitchen or camp are known as rapists basically which I didnt find to be totally true but I can see women being coerced by them. I forget the name of the camp its some play on Bear. Like Bear Necessities or something like that.

They were all involved in basically gang stalking me inside the apartment from what I could tell. Not always but it was definately to keep me traumatized. I recall once hearing Austin telling some local scumbag Marty they had over all the time, planning situations and skits to get me pissed off basically and screw with my mind. This kitchen is connected to GRATEFUL DEAD FAMILY and this is not the first time that faction has been connected to people coming around trying to fuck up my life.

Its funny. The police in Tennessee warned me about a van that was coming and I just didnt listen. Guess I had to see it for myself. Sure enough they were Rainbow/Dead affiliated and everything went really badly for me of course. I believe that is when I ended up in Shawnee National Forest getting beat up by A Camp who did front gate. Who one day--I will satisfy my vendetta related to those bums. Which is all they are. Agro hippies, mostly rich kids working for the system LIKE HOUSE SLAVES dealing drugs. I will get you one day you little scum. NEVER FORGET THESE PEOPLE ARE THE WHITE N*GGERS OF SOCIETY-THEY ARE NOTHING BUT HOUSE SLAVES. They deal the drugs brought in by the power structure-so why wouldnt they be involved in doing thier dirty work.

I heard a year ago or so that she went nuts and had to leave law school in the big city and packed off back to Michigan or Wisconsin or wherever she was from up there.

Of course. Becuz only us REAL born and raised big city girls can handle the punches.

SHE GOT HERS. Thats all that matters.

No being a lawyer now honey. Awwwww..see what happens when you do nothing but get drunk and bully people? All the while someone like me works constantly every day industriously. It pays off.

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Anonymous said...

Quote: "getting beat up by A Camp..."

Wait... people beat you up? That is not okay. Who in their right mind would do that to a woman?

In other news, your white N-word line had me laughing. It's funny 'cause it's true.