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Friday, July 6, 2012

Seems E Harassment Goes Just Where TI Goes

Here at storage. Told employee I was moving out days ago but thought I had til the 9th due to my bill being due not til then.

I notice as I sit here and wait for the manager to return that I feel very clear and uneffected, opposed to how I usually felt when i was listed as actively having space here in the computer.

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Guy said...

This doesn't surprise me at all. But I'm not sure it's due to automated electronic harassment systems. This is getting into weird territory, what I call the interface between your mind and the external world. What I'm thinking is this: since your name has been removed from the system, or at least a screen which is commonly viewed, you will no longer be connected to the person viewing the screen. I think you are just very sensitive and can feel when others are thinking of you. And most people's minds are full of crap, mental pollution. In other words, they would never feel the peace that you are feeling, regardless of whether they have stalkers or other stress. But you notice the yucky feeling of others' minds because it's not normal for you. Just putting it out there. I think a lot of what is put down to electronic harassment is just a connection to an unsavoury mind. And that connection could be there indeed because they are control freaks who can surveil you in various ways: email, cameras, etc. By the way, if you haven't yet, try quitting caffeine. It seems to make me less irritated by others vibes. Caffeine just works by releasing adrenaline in your body, and you don't need that.