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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sox Ticket Scalpers Are Irish Mob Who Pay Off Cops-Gee...No Sh*t, Really?
Only in someplace so Catholic could there be this much compartmentalization and denial.
This is why I need to leave.

How can locals be so naive as to come to me and whine that the cops kicked off all of the panhandlers but not the scalpers?Duh.

Its obvious, especially historically that the Irish have people in both the cops and the Irish mob.
How else were they supposed to gain any sort of power or livelihood with all those "Catholics Need Not Apply" signs around century or so ago?( Oh thats right...only blacks have ever been discriminated against. Never other groups.)

Yeah and very observant Sherlock about the scalpers (Irish mob) and cops being in the same area at the same time. Welcome to my world with being Targeted.

The other dumb question is how do i know they r Irish mob? Well, they look like crooks but arent black haired and olive skinned. Figure it out with the demographics of the area. Reeks of Southie. The knee length golf shorts on grown men, tacky 'expensive' sneakers, tee shirts and a cap should be telling enough.

This is why I am so down on MA and the USA. People know damn well whats going on but they choose to play stupid or they are literally brainwashed into being in denial. I just cant f*ckin take it anymore.
And this article on the Sox trying to foil scalpers. The article couldn't have been written without public naivety.

How can you 'foil' criminals that pay off cops and have an age old working relationship with them? Its like the War On Drugs trying to foil the drug runners when the military, DEA and foreigners like Israelis are involved in BRINGING DRUGS INTO THE COUNTRY TO BEGIN WITH.

Its not human vices and bad habits that I cant stand-its stupidity. Its exhausting.

Then they have to bully and destroy innocents becuz they fear the true criminals.
The American public are absolutely disgusting, really. And they've become total cowards. I know they are under mind control but it gets too much sometimes.

The Big Green fuzzy Monster mascot a-hole they've come out with in the early 90's for the new dumbed down YUPpyfied 'New Boston', if he was real, would probably be a pedophile paying off cops on the take or some sh*t. The fuzzy green monster muppet and that Charlie Card character used by the MBTA are sure signs of a new, dumbed down, corporate Boston, something that would never have been tolerated before in this area. The public hated that green muppet when they first started marketing him, becuz that is what is natural for this area. Bostonians are intelligent, rough, tough people who survive on keeping it real (as well as some Catholic and Jewish denial along with WASP polite 'we dont speak of such things' type culture). We dont like to be treated like innocent, naive, isolated farm people- corn fed Midwesterners or corporate Californians. We strive off of Naval culture (thus our dirty mouths as part of our daily speech, this could also be due to the Italian ancient love of obscenity in art and culture), Old Money (being frugal in the old High WASP manner is not seen as being poor or cheap but novel and smart as well as understanding value that is understated), prestigious institutions such as colleges and hospitals etc, as well as a healthy rebellion against such institutions and thier cultures and of course being WASP, Catholic or Jewish. And our various EuroAmerican ethnic identities and accepting new identities into our area-as long as they understand the rules. We live closely but we are all defined separately and proud of it.
The NWO and PC culture have destroyed alot of what made this area great by re structuring the value system based on a nationwide or global standard when in fact, this area had its own very detailed value system, formed over hundreds of years. THE NWO DOESN'T CARE. IT WILL DESTROY INDIGENOUS CULTURES AND THAT MEANS NATIVES, ANCIENT EUROPEANS AS WELL AS LOCAL AMERICAN CULTURES IN SPECIFIC AREAS. Its just as bad as the Roman empire or the Church in the Dark Ages. Except this time, unlike Rome, there is no tolerance for locals to keep thier beliefs- it must be the global order or you are not allowed to exist.
The acceptance of such corporate mascots is a sign of the disinigration of this area culturally and NWO's great dumb down tactic taking its effect in this area.

Oh and don't believe that getting rid of OBVIOUS in your face corruption is going to actually GET RID OF corruption. Thats one of the deceptions of the NWO. They clean up overt criminal activity you can see, stuff that was tolerated years ago, and then throw a few overt, stupid, careless sacrificial lambs to the courts for the public to see while simply STREAMLINING ONGOING CORRUPTION AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY so you cant see it anymore. That is what white collar criminals are for in this new era....and computers. Your NWO is a deception and you are all fools if u don't understand how criminals think and operate.The NWO is the greatest cult ever created. And the events of the past 12-15 years have been pure criminal genius.

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