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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Local Squatter Who Knows Too Much Turns Out To Be Known As A Rapist

WHAT IS IT with me and rapists?? WTF?? Damn.
Geez. Get over it.

I think they believe just becuz my grandfather was a pervert and got to his children that somehow I was harmed by him and will take this crap or that somehow its in our nature in that family to be into such behavior.
I dont know about the other women in my family but if you havent noticed I AINT THE ONE.

Which in ghetto speak means you should see by now in my behavior that I have dodged most stupidity from such kinds of people whenever possible and my claws have always been dug into the wall determined to get out of the ditch and away from such influences. I have ALWAYS fought these people as the enemy. Ever since I was a little child. I was always telling on people, resisting, telling people off and not taking shit. And it should be more obvious that I will go out and live like an animal on the street or in the woods before I will submit to any tantrums consisting of terrorism or other bullshit from males and thier traitor female counterparts that make up so much of the perverts in the gang stalking system.

Unlike the other women in my family, I dearly dont give a shit. I dont care about my personal possessions. F*ck my family members if they cant get real and fight by my side. And to hell with security. There is more to life than being a total tool for the oppressor and his rapist/child molesting/sadist, suck f*ck helpers. And any woman going along with this is a weak minded idiot who either is identifying with the aggressor by being into such male domination of women and children or they are controlled and dont have the BALLS to say no and deck the dominator in the face and run. Too bad for you, losers.
Or they want payoffs. Perks. Opportunities.

This little bastard in Harvard was pushy in conversation with me the other day, trying to get my phone number when I only give my social network to new people I meet traveling or squatting. Talking to hear himself talk. Hey we've all done it. But rapists do like to dominate the other persons Will dont they?

I was in a vulnerable mood. I explained that my situation (which I didnt elaborate on) was hard- and it wasnt going to change. He was being manipulative, saying he wanted to hang out etc. Then he looked into my face and said "You didnt do anything wrong." which of course pissed me off becuz I knew he was referring to being targeted and the nasty campaign against me during Bush locally here in metro Boston/Cambridge and surrounding areas. (By the way go manipulate someone else. Do these people know who and what they are dealing with at all?? Or just cover stories?) I wouldnt worry about his presence in Harvard. He's smaller than me as well as I dont ever squat by myself. For this very reason. Every self important jack ass pervert knows about what happened to me. It sucks.

It was disgusting actually. I walked away fast.

So, I just filed it along with others who register as knowing too much and thus they are privy to the truth about whats really going on. Thus they are suspect.

Yesterday a friend told me that my having a bad feeling about this individual was right becuz he heard from someone the kid was a known rapist as well as that was backed up from other people also.
I suppose one would have to see the files on the person to get concrete proof. But it certainly would explain why he approached me like an innocent who would be easy to manipulate as well as said what he did.

It seems that far too many very unsavory sex offender types know about Targeted Individual's situations specifically Survivors of programming. Even if they simply know about the cover stories, they still know too much to be a normal part of the public.

Still the public doesnt believe organized networks of trafficking, kidnapping and exploitation exist.

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