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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Letter To The CHD About Christopher's Restaurant

"Cambridge Public Health Department,
To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing you in regards to a restaurant called Christophers at 1920 Mass Ave in Cambridge, MA, USA.
On the evening of 4/24/ my friend offered to get me something to eat so we decided to try Christophers.
Our food took a very long time to get served.
Firstly our salads got mixed up by waitress and I am allergic to blue cheese (food allergy). She had to replace those.
What concerns me is when our meals did arrive my burger was completely rare inside. I had asked for medium rare. It was surely left at a level of raw deemed unhealthy for the general public.
Then the new burger given me by the waitress ,at the end of eating it, I noticed had what looked like Spanish or perhaps African American hair in it. A big piece.
The hostess saw this and said it was probably a piece of a scrubby from the sink they do dishes in. One of the plastic ones to not scratch pans. She claimed everyone in the cooking area has a hair net.
Either way, whether it be hair or a piece of of a disch scrubber IT DOESNT BELONG IN FOOD.
The Hostess and waitress kept apologizing. When I was going to take a picture of what was supposedly a piece of food scrubber, the hostess quickly took the plate away with a planned quickness "Let me get that for you". But no one was concerned with removing the plate until I was going to document what I saw due to being fed up with the service by then.
Our meals and take out for our third party was free but that is not what concerns me. It was the two instances of health codes being questionable at this establishment. The totally rare meat (which I almost ate and luckily noticed) and the hair or scrubber piece in the second burger.
I am requesting you take a look at this place and thier practices in safety, hygiene etc. My mother was in the restaurant business for ten years. I know bs when I see and hear it.
This place boasts on its outside its been around for a very long time in this location. Lets hope that doesnt not exempt them from being governed by the same authorities as every other establishment in the city of Cambridge to adhere to rules for public safety and health.
Thank you for your time,

Rachael O----

Gee ya think they will just intercept this, rip it up and throw it away? Like the arrogance of the old days or during Bush?
I dunno. I think you are going to be seeing alot of these from me lately. WITH WITNESSES PRESENT and I dont care about thier credibility. Frequency of offenses is what I am going for.

Next is Walgreens in Central Sq becuz a young buck working there (in a red shirt of course) commented on the condoms I bought by commenting they were the good stuff (roll eyes now) and then asked "Why so fancy...why so fancy might I ask?" I told him I would go into anaphylaxis if it was the regular kind. Satisfied now? Good. Becuz I will answer your impertinent questions but I am going to report you for even having the audacity to ask such a question of a patron much less an older woman. This is after I asked him to hold my items at the register while I price checked at CVS and he teased with the comment delivered straight faced "I'm going to have to charge you." If I didnt know better I would have flipped out at something that ridiculous. That tactic right there demands submission via insinuating having control over something the customer needs. It also demands that the person its said to goes into a level of familiarity with the speaker that is inappropriate for the situation. Thus, the condom comment was easy to bring on next due to this first phase of domination.

And this foreign cab driver stepped up after me and sort of tried to get the kid to share in a small arrogant chuckle over me which I think the kid was progressive enough to not indulge in..I dont know. What people like that think I dont tend to. Thier opinions dont matter- thier behavior DOES. Typical arrogance in Central Sq Cambridge anyway.

As Eddie Murphy once said in one of his skits "Yeah, keep on smilin."

The people in Central are especially stubborn to the reality that we are not in the thick of the Bush administration, 9-11 anti terror, wartime and the euphoria of Obama's 'victory' has worn off. They cant just do as they please any longer.

Its so typical that people are kept so insulated in Boston. They've always controlled people like this in this way. And they dont even know they are being controlled. Its so sad. They dont care as long as they believe they have something going on.

And the foreigners are just hitting thier stride as the latest new wave of immigrants so they believe this tolerant area hands them special privilege to belittle any enemies of the elites who favored them enough to let them in...and provide them with income via service industry. Many immigrants from this recent wave are from countries where sexism (and female genital mutilation) runs rampant.

The Liberals get what they want and through this sexist attitude, the Neo Cons get something out of it too. Its just another dual party con job- another NWO trick.


That store has always had jerks at the counter. There was this one other guy a Caucasian guy, who was transgender I think but he really didnt look female. During the thick of this campaign locally he always handed me bad attitude and acted as if I should know better than to even show my face in that area. Over time, he learned what everyone learns- I have a job to do, you are stupid and only know cover stories and what you believe and think doesnt matter at all. You are an incidental character in this game. With my repeatedly showing up where I need to to complete my task, you realize that what you or the community thinks in the big picture is meaningless. Becuz its doubtful if you have all the information about whats going on. If you did, you wouldnt hand me a stupid attitude.

He was the type that looks like an aging rocker era type person. I see this type around sometimes, frightening to look at really. Always I can hear them say things like "She's a dummy". Coming from a Keith Richards wanna be reject like that, and all thier little cronies, its a comment I take with amusement. Becuz they either only know cover story or they're 70's ass is indebted to the GS system becuz they were into some sh*t over the years...and I saw alot of it ufortunately for them. So I know they are scumbags, old glorifed junkies, etc back in the old days when pedophilia was acceptable etc etc. Its great to look at how ugly and mummified they are. Really, really great. And to know that not only do I have more info than they, as well as will age better- I have the dirt on that entire generation who is now trying to hide and is playing ball for the system like crazy to try to keep what they have. Illusions fade...dont they. Its great to see these city rat types stuck in a familiar environment becuz if they tried to travel they would be eaten alive by real human life that exists beyond the realm of the eternally hip and cool city environments that house scenesters. And aging trust fund kids.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Did you order a New World Burger? Some PC worm at their corporate headquarters will probably accuse you of racism. "Then she said that black peoples hair looked like Brillo pads, or that maybe it could have been a Mexican!"

I blame the Illuminati for your unsatisfactory dining experience, and hope that someday soon you get to sink your choppers into a burger that is cooked to perfection, minus Mr. T's afro.