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Friday, July 13, 2012

Radiation Effecting Health In MA/Zombie Apocalypse A Metaphor For Radiation Poisoned Populations?

I probably didnt use metaphor correctly. ?


Lately myself and others have noticed that for a few days here and there we experience strange symptoms like fatigue occasionally so severe we can hardly get up and need to rest most of the day, headaches, appetite changes like feeling hungry constantly and strange mental and even emotional effects like an emotional even spiritual deadening. Being cut off from other human beings emotionally.

I thought recently about this and I recall I only experiece this on the east coast especially in the Boston area and also the first time I experienced this was after the fallout from Japan.

Ive posted that i was sic for a week after the Japan nuclear accident. I was so tired I couldnt do anything but drag myself to slee at the women's center.

This conrition i experieced is the same as Ive been experiecing here lately and others have as well.

I notice that it has rained alot lately. And usually these symptoms occur during times where it is extremely hot in the cities after a period of rain.

I personally may be more sensitive due to my mother's radiation exposure or due to my being hypersensitive to changes and chemicals nowadays due to the extensive mold exposure from 2003-2006 then my aquiring an allergic reaction condition from anaphylaxis from Bactrim in 2009. I am quite sensitive now to chemicals around me. Also i assume years of perps doing stuff with gassings and whatever was in those spray bottles during Bush they would dose TIs with randomly.

Funny...how Ive survived it all. Yet I am weakened. Now I think about it its as if they were trying to knock me down to being as sickly and weak and unaccomplished as an average person. According to my size, build and DNA I come from above average people. I wonder if whatever they did with the radiation experimentation really did create Supermen. Perhaps all those comic books werent so far fetched after all.

All i know is that the radiation in the environment from nuclear fallout sources seems to make humans sick. Extreme weakness, a hunger and hunanity being emotionally absent are the symptoms.

I guess the zombie apocalypse is here now.

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