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Friday, July 13, 2012

The THEY GOT THEIRS series #1 Clear Conscience Café

This is the coffee shop in front of the Harvest Co Op that had so many perps working there as well as a miserable male owner who overtly harassed me even recently.

That was before their lease refused to be renewed. Its a beautiful sight. To see this scun gone.

I made sure to inquire if they were moving across the street when the Co Op moves and a woman who was part of the cafe said "No, we're done."


Note the pretensouis quote about coffee being more than a drink but about politics, survival and indegenous peoples. I guess the indegenous Euro peoples cultures arent considered in the same way especially poor whites who are EuroAmericans and specifically the natives of Cambridge seem to not be considered when allowing snooty YUPpie scum like this into an area who jack up prices and hide behind PC culture while being part of gentrification in a class war.

The writing on the wall that says "WHATS IN YOUR CUP?" I desperately want to write "CHANGE".
Becuz its appropriate, literally and now figuratively.

These people had their heyday during Bush then the economy crashed on them. What pisses me off is that they made money at all during these years by being part of a system that destroys lives. Perhaps they were into tricking or kiddie porn which is why they took part. Who cares.


Some older gentleman asked me where the place went. We talked and he also said this new place was shitty for coming in and raising the prices.

The people win sometimes I guess.

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