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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Its Not The Tech So Much As The Sun/Survival Is Whats 'Normal' Not Society's BS

I have been two levels underground for a few hours and feel better than i have in a while.

I am still in Central Sq Cambridge MA, a heavily targeted area and still within the time range of when it seems remote influence is used. From 6 am to 12 midnight.

There certainly is the presence of tech for mind contrl and the use of chemical influence as well. There has been much to show this to probably be the case. Theres definitely organized stalking and harassment of TIs by human beings always in areas with lesser chemical and tech controls or heavily 'managed' areas like Cambridge MA etc.

But much of what i have experieced i now realize is also from the sun. Something seems to be connected to the quality of the environment in different locations depending on various factors but the main factor is radiation. And heat.

Its sunlight and heat that is now doing damage. One can feel this in the cities. Boston is now unlivable in the height of summer if u have to be outdoors all the time.

I can plainly tell the difference between the environment now and when i was a kid.

If i travel through southern Illinois that area seems to have a similar level of environmental quality to what my body recalls in the 1970s.

The northeast is absolutely brutal and unbearable. Why this is i dont know.

The sun is so hot u just know it has something to do with so much area covered in concrete and tar.

Its obvious the earth cant do its job, or 'breathe'. U can sense that the sun wouldnt be so bad if it was hitting earth, flora, grass and trees instead of concrete.

Humans have really screwed themselves on this one. And they just arent changing the way they do things fast enough to survive.

I now understand its the sun and various other factors that has motivated people to buy land underground and built underground tunnels.

And some of us arw being guided to know this is happening as it does.

What kind of world they will create down there i dont know or if those of us guided are supposed to go underground also or elsewhere.

Its a very gentle process anyway. Aside from the torment and gs. As if surviving such world wide catastrophes of humanity is the most natural thing in the world.

Why not? Birds and other animals have already headed up to mountains etc a decade ago. It IS natural to survive. Its UNnatural to stay in cities when they become ovens in a culture that only oppresses and limits.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here we go, another lone shooting incident.

And of course, there should be questions raised as to how a Ph. D student with a clean arrest record would all of a sudden go berserk. It's just another part of a disturbing trend of lone shooters. This one looks like it was well-planned, and it's interesting how this guy was dressed kind of like a soldier in a war.

I suppose he was conditioned to see the general public as his enemy. There were many times where I saw the general public as my enemy, too, because they all seem to take the side of the oppressor. And this is why incidents like this happen: because too many people are taking the side of the oppressor and going along with organized stalking and harassment.

And of course, the fact that it was even pointed out that he was a PH D student is suspect, too. This could be a ploy to get universities involved in "pre-cautionary measures"to watch out for "suspicious behaviours" in graduate students. The outcome is that universities will be allied with the enemy, and it is hoped that they will follow what the System wants and get graduate students who are a threat under the System's control.