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Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Nights Impressions Connecting To Solving Local Corruption Case..Not My Job

Last night I got this idea or impression. That the friendship between Sheryl Rosenburg and Scott Ashmanski the handler that was sent to find out just how much I knew during the federal investigation, is important. Well yeah of course. But in this country right now, if the powers that be are using certain technologies and constant organized harassment to silence and discredit people like me what is the use of going to authorities? And i want everything that occured locally to be eventually connected to the continued experimentation and RA. Is that all possible? How can justice be gotten for things that keep getting stricken from official records?

Its all just more experimentation to see if they can get people to confess or submit especially programmed people.

I find it interesting Mark Phillips often talks about programmed people in such a way like 'These people cant be interrogated or coached.'

Alot of what he says goes along with the powers that be snatching Survivors up when they wake up from programming, like after battling layers of suicide programming, and immediately abducting Survivors into covert behavior modification programs part of the motive seeming to he to prevent anymore therapists from gaining anymore dovumented testimonies from Survivors who begin to recall memories NATURALLY without their assistance.

If programmed people cant be coerced into confession like non programmed people then using technologies designed to brain map, mind read and even command human emotions or actions would be helpful in tapping into such people and eventually gaining confession or compliance with authorities.

Which of course is totally wrong and inhuman. In my case they are obviously using the federal investigation and what was done to me locally as a part of thier continued human experimentation with programmed compartmentalized people, mind control, brain washing and trying to turn human beings into mindless, compliant robots.

Which is why i dont feed into this at all. Its true that the local harassment group should be brought to justice. That they should be exposed and they are guilty of conspiracy. But if this were truly the system's motive and true desire then it should have been done years ago, though proper channels not having to damage my psych by hacking into my consciousness as such.

It also should go up the ladder until it connects to the larger corruption involving the RA, human experimentation etc which is usually discouraged as part of this process.

Just more shadow games of control and coercion. Which I refuse to be part of. U wanna catch the rich kids around here? Then have the crooked cops they pay off tell u all about it. Becuz cops and feds in METRO Boston and beyond know what EVERYONE is doing. They and their mafia buddies and the private sector have been running things this way for centuries here.

Let them do their damn jobs properly especially the goddamned feds. WHY SHOULD AN ALREADY BURDENED PERSON LIKE ME HAVE TO DO SUCH THINGS?

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