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Sunday, July 8, 2012

MIT Discovers Moral Judgements Can Be Aletered

"CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — MIT neuroscientists have shown they can influence people’s moral judgments by disrupting a specific brain region — a finding that helps reveal how the brain constructs morality........
Previous studies have shown that a brain region known as the right temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) is highly active when we think about other people’s intentions, thoughts and beliefs. In the new study, the researchers disrupted activity in the right TPJ by inducing a current in the brain using a magnetic field applied to the scalp. They found that the subjects’ ability to make moral judgments that require an understanding of other people’s intentions — for example, a failed murder attempt — was impaired."

".....disrupted activity in the...brain using a magnetic field applied to the scalp"

Are they absolutely serious? They already know this, on classified levels they already have the technologies to make this happen. Everyone who is a Targeted Individual is familiar with the reality of their situation as well as the commonalities of effects we all experience.

Seriously?? This is the kind of bullsh*tting that makes living very hard to deal with. We know damn well they already have the ability to influence behavior. TI's have been giving accounts of that for years as well as one can deduct by official documents put together on the subject that there is good reason for cause to investigation such claims of Targeted Individuals and that such methods such as tech as well as chemical influence could exist and is being used readily to influence individuals as well as the masses.

They think they are so clever. That by the time history decides to deem us correct in our claims we will be old or out of the way by then. They dont care as long as they dont get caught.

People need to wake up to the reality of what the elite are doing and have always partook in doing to the masses as well as select individuals they are jealous of or threatened by.
Believe me, its no different today than when Bathory got careless with what her elite husband taught her about how to toy with peasants. Of course, she was careless becuz she hadnt been elite long enough. The people she learned these horrors from would never have been caught-or allowed such crimes against humanity to be recorded historically.

All these diversions- pick any number of them, either domestic or foreign, have us over looking one of the age old problems of living in any 'civilized' society on earth: oppression and abuse of power from members of the elite.

We have been conditioned with this perception that PC, Diversity etc applies to everyone. Yet we overlook classism as if it doesnt exist. When in fact, its the core of our problems today just as it has been for centuries.

No amount of NeoConn-ery or Liberal PC cult culture can handle the age old problem of people in the greatest centers of power abusing that power for thier own ends and to control the vast number of human beings in society, under their power.

Its as if science with all its progress and new discoveries is an equalizer among humanity. That science, psychiatry and 'social responsibility'(and other cult like, meaningless phrases denoting vague concepts really designed to promote social control)- have had the power to somehow simply stop dead cold a corruption among mankind that has been constant since the inception of civilized societies.

This is why its so dangerous to buy into the feel good NWO and all its promoting a perfect world. All they are doing is hiding the most abusive elements that have been with us throughout history. What we are seeing is the building of a cohesive empire, one on earth the way Rome had one in the old world. To take over and spread its culture, to dominate the world, to rule, to dictate to others, to deny other cultures while claiming to be tolerant of them.

One thing is sure: extremely rich people, even the ones I have known who are simply very wealthy- are greedy and cheap. Knowing this we can assume that since now they have the ability to leave no stone unturned that they want to own everything- and everyone. And if they can, they will. All they need is to have the masses under control finally. Mind control via brainwashing, social control, social engineering etc always works. It worked for Rome and the same old, tired tactics are working right now. Many of us see this plainly-and many human beings are doing what people have always done which is to fall under the empire's power.

There is no such thing as freedom especially handed to you by the elite. Why would they do such a thing? The elite dominate society, make all the decisions over a long term plan and oppress everyone, everywhere. That is the general rule in life. The only time one experiences freedom is when one or a collective of people fight against this power core or they think they wouldnt be able to get away with something generally or certain things with certain demographics.

People act as if they are totally free and in control of thier own lives. As if the elite would never lie to them, mislead them, try to control them, use them, abuse them, exploit them or others and hide it from the public- for profit, fun or to structure society to thier needs or likings.

Whats most unbelievable is the public has lost its healthy fear and awareness of power. This is most likely becuz terrorism from abroad is being used to replace the 'bad guy' in thier perception so its terrorists that threaten to oppress them, not the power elite of the earth.

Again and again these boring games can be sighted in history books. And for those of us who know whats really going on- due to being exposed to inside information as well as being clever enough to see cons repeated and re used- its pretty damn dull.

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